Soap dodgers in the wild

Useful scientific proof that Donald Trump is in fact correct. Further, this very same research explains why Bernie Sanders is so puzzled by deodorant. The truth simply being that lefties stink. A proof which is inherent in the English language, in that manner that leftists, soap dodgers and crusties are synonyms.

No, really:

People who have a greater tendency to turn their nose up at the whiff of urine, sweat and other body odours are more likely to have rightwing authoritarian attitudes, research suggests.

The study also found having a greater disgust for body odours was linked, albeit to a small degree, with support for Donald Trump when he was a presidential candidate.


It may seem normal to be disgusted by the smell of sweaty feet or bad breath.

But people who recoil at unpleasant body odours are more likely to support authoritarian leaders, while liberals are apparently less bothered by a pongy armpit.

A study has found supporters of Donald Trump are more likely to be disgusted by body odours, including the smell of feet, sweat and someone breaking wind.

We should have known this all along of course, only those indifferent to civilised behaviour could possibly support the corrupt stench of the standard leftist ideology or the wet farts of the average such policy.


Note it must be true for it’s in both The Guardian and the Daily Mail, each and both being purveyors of the truth and nothing but the truth, right?

Being ever so slightly more serious this does at least explain one thing. Bernie Sanders and his disbelief concerning deodorant:

Or in text form:

You can’t just continue growth for the sake of growth in a world in which we are struggling with climate change and all kinds of environmental problems. All right? You don’t necessarily need a choice of 23 underarm spray deodorants or of 18 different pairs of sneakers when children are hungry in this country. I don’t think the media appreciates the kind of stress that ordinary Americans are working on.

Rather missing the point that stress creates sweat, something deodorant can help with.

But, again, to be ever so slightly serious it is useful to ponder this. What could be the cause of this? We could start to claim that the communalism of the left requires a certain indifference to the details of what massed humans are actually like. Well, that fits facts of course, imposed collectivism is akin to that public bathroom problem – lots of talk and no one cleans the shit up. We might insist that those of us who are weak of nose also can’t quite bring ourselves to support a politics which requires shooting all the bright and industrious people, that would explain it as well.

But the better, therefore correct, answer is the same as that point about only the young with heart being socialists, those who don’t grow out of it having no brain. As anyone who ever did any student politics knows being on the left does involve lots of huddling with too many people too close in those interminable (and without shower break) meetings. As soon as anyone has any money then larger rooms get hired, everyone being able to have that personal space. And that’s it really, once you’re rich enough to have experienced a political meeting without your nose pressed into an unshaved armpit you’ll have to be on the right. The only puzzle left being why haven’t people like Bernie “Three Houses” Sanders quite grasped it yet?

Or as we might put it cleanliness is civilisation, the right’s distaste for, the left’s desire for, the stench of its absence is an accurate representation of the differing political stances concerning that civilisation and its desirability.

Or someone can come up with a properly serious answer but where’s the fun in that?

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  1. Being clean requires some level of work, self-discipline and respect for others. Traits not associated with the Left.

    However we should keep two things in mind. One is that handsome people are more likely to be on the Right. But don’t take my word for it – believe the Guardian:

    Being on the Right is also associated with more muscle. So I am guessing Brad Pitt rings Ecks up for grooming tips.

    The other thing to remember is that pretty much all social science findings are wrong. In fact the only finding that is robust is that pretty much every stereotype you can think of is true. So this is likely to be like that study which said that Right Wing people were more neurotic before they realised that they had their graph the wrong way around and in fact it was the opposite.

    • The conclusion being, of course, believe what you want. Or as I would put it, everything your university professor told you was probably a lie, everything your grandmother told you is likely to be true.

      I am pretty sure my grandmother would have said Swampies smell. So I am going with that.

  2. Perhaps it is not that righties dislike odors but that righties object to having to smell odors because others ignore societal norms regarding appropriate places to eliminate, also breast-feed and pretend to be a woman. (Lefties claim to dislike tobacco smoke the most, even when innovations like vapes remove the ostensible concern, secondhand health effects, on which there is no science in buildings ventilated to code.)

    But a clean house, a tidy latrine, and teaching the next generation how they come to be, are right-wing concerns. They are not a crisis not to be let go to waste. If Main Street smells like an outhouse, there will be visceral support for hiring and unionizing more custodial staff. And it must be Trump’s fault; you remember that thing that he tweeted.

    • A clean house and a hygenic latrine are definitely old-fashioned virtues that were advocated by Baden-Powell. When I had to move to London and learned, to my surprise, that being a young Actuary wasn’t good enough to be considered for a flat-share by those advertising in The Times, I rented a converted attic with a toilet that was nominally shared with my fellow-tenants on the lower floors but was mostly mine (they were welcome to use it in emergencies but otherwise left it to me). The first thing I did was to clean the toilet, then the ant-infested space under the sink, then the rest of the flat. I kept them clean thereafter until ASLEF forced me to move to walking distance of my office or risk dying.
      Cleanliness is not, per se, right-wing – some left-wingers are clean – it is merely that those who have no regard for cleanliness are all left-wing as a consequence of their disegard for the effect on others of their behaviour.

  3. Ed.: The new legend “Your comment is awaiting moderation” eliminates all the ambiguity. I enabled cookies and the Telegraph is faithfully filling in Name and Email for me. But I will not enable Google scripts to run; I hope that is not WordPress’s sticking point.

  4. Since when is Trump an authoritarian leader? He is a democratically elected leader of a nation which restricts the personal power of said leader.

    Plus, the modern ‘liberal’ is far far more inclined to support authoritarian and totalitarian regimes.

    • Quite! “Authoritarian” belongs in a litany with racist, woman-hater, and Closet Nazi (see Mona Charen’s never-Trump posturing at the CPAC conference). Lefties cite freedom of action as proof that their adversaries will choose the most malevolent action. One friend of mine cites a recent law by which Congress reasserted its authority to set any federal salary at $1. Hasn’t been invoked yet, and Trump is still constrained by public opinion not to fire the Special Prosecutor and his Obama holdovers that are sabotaging the administration and muffling his message with salacious distractions. Nor, after we “impeach 45,” will President Pence make Christianity and childbearing obligatory.

  5. Right-wing authoritarian is a strange attribution to make by those who see no limits to the aspects of life they can interfere with if they take a mind to. But collectivism requires coercion. Absolutely requires it, it isn’t an unfortunate necessity used in exceptional circumstances, it’s all coercion, all the time, no limits.

  6. During the Occupy Wall St movement when various smelly people set up tent cities in various cities (we represent the 99% and we stink for you) I took a stroll through the one in Oakland, California. They’d set up in a little plaza often used by local office workers during their lunch breaks. It, of course, reeked of dope, urine and body odors. There were an awful lot of ordinary office workers grateful to get their plaza back once the police finally moved them out.

    But really, the liberal aversion to soap is truly a mystery to most conservatives.

  7. I love the way only right wingers are authoritarian. Those smelly left wingers would never put up with a government that undermined democracy, rigged elections, raped the treasury, robbed the poor and erected borders with the guard’s rifles pointing inwards and jailed journalists and other’s who disagreed with it, all in the name of socialism and communism.

  8. Ex Sinistrum numquam aliquid novi:

    Cried the communist, “Down with the Pope!
    Down with all the crowned heads of Eu-rope!
    Equal rights is our creed,
    What more do we need?”
    Then somebody shouted out, “Soap!”

    (Source probably the Beano Boys Annual 1955 – too far back for me to remember)