Can't say this surprises us

I can’t say this surprises me all that much. Claire Foy was paid less than Matt Smith for working on The Crown. The lack of surprise being that prices are set not by some Platonic ideal of a just price, but by supply and demand:

Claire Foy, who plays the Queen in The Crown, was paid less than her co-star Matt Smith during the first two seasons of the hit show, producers of the Netflix series have revealed.

Executive producers for the series made the disclosure when asked during a panel event in Jerusalem on Tuesday if Smith, who played a young Prince Philip in the first and second seasons, was paid more than Foy.

In response, the series’ producers, Suzanne Mackie and Andy Harries, acknowledged the 35-year-old male English actor was paid more owing to his Doctor Who fame,

There are rather more pretty young women around who can both act a bit and also want to act a bit than there are male actors with a bit of fame behind them. The prices paid reflect this.


There’s really nothing more to it than that, is there? Do note that Adam Smith explained all this some 242 years ago when discussing the relative prices of diamonds and water. It’s really not a new insight.

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  1. One problem I think a lot of people have is mindset. They think the producers are just giving Matt extra money, when in reality, they’re trying to lower the price of both male and female leads, but can only stretch it so far with men.

  2. I can’t help thinking that these two have different fan bases. Basically men are happy to watch Claire if she gets her kit off. It is well known that if both of them get their kit off, Ms Foy will be paid more than Mr Smith. Women are happy to watch Matt Smith if he talks a lot, especially about romance, wearing a silly frilly shirt. Which I gather is pretty much what this show is. Whereas most men would rather have nails driven into their skulls.

    So basically women are getting the porn they want and men are not.

  3. ‘There is a gender earnings gap in British – as with all others – society.’

    The “problem” is that the government isn’t socialist enough. The CM pricks stir up the people over anything they can. Even something as mundane as differences in the sexes.

    Note the use of ‘gender,’ as well. A CM contrivance.

    ‘So We Do Nothing About It’

    I think it important to do more, to call out the scum debasing public discourse with their inciting rhetoric. As an example, concern for the environment has been completely pushed aside by the Scary Climate Change™ schtick. Real damage is being done to the environment. And accepted by the public.

  4. Tim–I did not write the above–it sounds vaguely like me but the shite about the environment gives it away.

    I suspect it is our dear friend Twatty looking for a little payback since I came up with the idea that fucked up his Muprhybollocks scheme. Perhaps he thinks to poison the brand so to speak.

    Tim–you know my email-please don’t post anything from “Mr Ecks” that doesn’t have that on the posting.

    Thank You

  5. I read somewhere that for The Force Awakens Daisy Ridley and John whatshisname got paid about £100k while Harrison Ford got about 20 mil. Mark Hammil got £1 mil for about 10 seconds and no lines.

    Meh. They weren’t complaining because they weren’t idiots.