One of the ways that you can see that a self-serving oligarchy has been formed is to watch what happens to one of the magic group when they misbehave. If they’re cast from the light into the outer darkness then there’s at least a possibility that all is working on talent, hard work, a meritocracy. If, however, a game of pass the parcel is then played with the possible miscreant then we’ve a class protecting its own rather than focusing on the job at hand. Jobs for the boys, not jobs to be done.

Worth keeping in mind as we consider this:

Save the Children supported its former chief executive in getting a top job at Unicef and paid him a £20,000 bonus despite uncovering evidence of his “inappropriate behaviour and comments” towards young female members of staff.

Unicef, the world’s leading children’s organisation, confirmed that it was given a reference by Save the Children before he was hired in 2016 that made no mention of the internal probes into Mr Forsyth.

We’ve also those revelations about Brendan Cox, the widower of the murdered MP, Jo Cox. From the same charity, Save the Children, he passed on after revelations of potential misconduct to setting up new charities which did indeed receive support from other parts of the Third Sector.

There’s also the manner in which juicy jobs are offered to those who have, well failed isn’t quite the word, perhaps not succeeded, in left wing politics who then end up with very juicy jobs in the sector. David Miliband comes to mind, running his Thunderbirds are Go! organisation.

It’s entirely true that the board level of big business can appear to be just such a round robin of jobs for the right people. But then so does this charitable sector if we’re to be uncharitable about it.

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  1. So it is an Old Boy’s Club with everyone agreeing to protect the Good Chaps and find them a cushy billet.

    Some how I expected charities would not be so obvious. I expect that Mr Cox will head an Oxbridge college next.

    • This is not about charities. Many charities (outside money-laundering agents such as the United Way) have to appeal to private contributors and even show results. This is about an agency of the United Nations, a loot spigot claiming the mantle of Peace, World Harmony, and Development, and who can be against that? The impossibility of curtailing member countries’ “dues” signals that the result will be a culture of impunity, as mundane as sexual misbehavior or as great as nation-wrecking.

  2. In fairness you have to be pretty careful what you put in a reference and as there was ultimately no misconduct proved (or in real terms he agreed to go quietly and save everyone the fuss) they would have been limited in what they could say

  3. The accusations about Cox have been around for sometime. The murder of his wife meant that most media outlets weren’t about to go there. The BBC and certain lefty newspapers anointed him Sir Brendan of the Poor and he was untouchable….until now.
    The wider point is that both the Cox’s were Labour party apparatchiks who were parachuted into the 3rd sector by messer’s Blair and Brown to do Labour’s bidding whilst receiving a six figure salary. They are a world away from the chuggers in town verbally attacking you.
    I’ll give it a couple of months and Sir Brendan will be reunited with a charity and its largesse. These types always land shit side up.