Chinese Peasants Who Made History


Dr. Madsen Pirie of the Adam Smith Institute writes how peasants in china changed the course of their countries development.

It began with a piece of parchment secretly signed by trembling hands in the flickering light of 40 years ago, but it has reverberated around the world. Those 18 brave souls who defied authority to try a new way of doing things were the pioneers of a revolution that has transformed the prospects for humankind. We salute them today.

Read Dr. Madsen Pirie’s full article here. Madsen often contributes to The Continental Telegraph, visit his column here.

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  1. PS — Regarding today’s column on the Xiaogang of 18, someone annually reminds people that the first colonists to America also abandoned their charter principle of everyone in a village growing crops for the collective good, and assigned parcels of land to individual families. The result was comparably explosive growth of production that some claim was the impetus for the celebration called Thanksgiving.