The Anti-Semitic Elephant


Several explanations have been offered to account for the anti-Semitism that plagues sections of the Labour Party.  More than one of them might be valid.  For example, there is within the Labour Party an element characterized by a visceral rejection of all things Western and capitalist.  Since Israel is both of these to some extent, they reject what it stands for, and equate pro-Jewish as pro-Israel.

Similarly, support for the aims of the Palestinian peoples is seen as supporting the underdog against the might of an oppressive capitalist predator bent on conquest and oppression.  Both elements explain some, but not all, of anti-Semitism within Labour’s ranks.  But there is a much larger element, one people find it difficult to discuss.  It is the elephant in the room that people pretend is not there, and the name of that elephant is Islam. 

In a significant number of parliamentary seats in the UK, a Labour majority depends on a Moslem vote that breaks heavily in its favour.  Labour candidates can bid for that vote by expressing anti-Israeli and, by association, anti-Jewish sentiments and prejudices.  Jeremy Corbyn and his allies know that a future Labour government can only be achieved with Moslem support, and from this derives their reluctance to condemn the virulent anti-Semitic groups and their spokespersons. 

Of course, educated and cultured Muslims are no more prone to bigoted prejudice than their educated and cultured Christian counterparts, but in neither groups do these constitute a majority.  Fanaticism is there to be bid for, and so long as Labour bids for it, it will be plagued by anti-Semitism.  The elephant is still there, even if everyone agrees not to look at it or to name it.

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  1. It seems to me that Labour began to turn against Israel when it finally relinquished victimhood in 1967 and began the appearance of having its own victims, the hapless Palestinians. The emotionally incontinent folks who comprise the left just love a victim. And they require them to stay victims. Israel and by implication all Jews stopped being a victim by its own efforts. The Palestinians made a career of victim status.

    You are of course right about Labour courting Islam, but it will not work out for them, either the party will be hijacked by Islam or a new Islam-interest party will appear and take Labour’s Islamic vote.

  2. If you really want to see white supremacists in action, there is no finer example than the current Labour Party.

    They court colored people and Moslems thinking that they can just be told to vote for them in exchange for money and benefits. There exists a core of Labour supporters who have not realised that Labour is no longer interested in them and regards them rather distastefully as a necessary evil.

    But the white supremacist bit is the arrogance of Corbyn and McDonnell. They will be the guys running the show, for now and evermore, too stupid to see that they are sowing the seeds of their own destruction.

  3. Stereotypically, immigrants from South Asia have often become small businessmen – running a curry house or a ‘Fags, Mags and Bags’ corner shop. They and their families ought naturally to gravitate toward the Tory party, if only the Conservatives hadn’t allowed themselves to be caricatured as racists.

    • BluLabour could hardly crawl any more to migrants than it is doing.
      It seems to have the wrong group of migrants at the top of its Christmas card list so to speak.

      Their is a clear difference between Hindus, Sikhs and our dear friends in the religion of peace. Whites, blacks, Hindus, Sikhs, Chinese, Uuncle Tom Cobley and all have no friends amongst the other group. None. And all stand in peril from a demographic takeover by said group.

  4. Simple. No migrant to this country gets the vote for 100 years. Or it goes to his family if he has died. Until 100 has passed the migrant gets NO vote in anything. Nor do his family. After 100 years –if they have been good for this country, not thieves, rapists, general scum and/or killers /fanatics etc–then they get the vote.

    Make this retro-active ( thanks Bliar!!) to 1997 –or maybe 1980 ( and make it 120 years in that latter case).

    The left have been importing voters for 40+ years. In large numbers since 1997. Time it was stopped.

    But first there would be one big exception. White South Africans ( none-leftist ones anyway–the white leftists can stay in the Hell they helped to create) can come here and receive full rights and votes at once. It also needs suggesting to our dear friends in the ANC that the said white SAs will be leaving with all their cash and assets. Any attempt to rob them as Hitler did to departing Jews will lead to our military going done there to have a word with their leadership.

    • Citizenship-without-vote has often been proposed, most recently over here by radio’s Rush Limbaugh, a thought-experiment to show that Democrats’ stated compassion for “Dreamers” is chiefly vote-buying. The usual rebuttal is that hundreds of judges and maybe the Supreme Court would rule that there is no provision for different classes of citizenship, resolved by giving plaintiffs citizenship AND the vote. (The same gang has no problem with discriminating among citizens on the Right to Keep and Bear Arms.)

      In any case, your 100-year prohibition assumes workers at the polls who faithfully check documentation. Foreigners who successfully game the immigration laws have no sudden reverence for the election laws. Democrats court Dreamers not as a potential source of votes but because they know full well they are already voting illegally.

      PS – Many white South Africans are about to be robbed whether or not they emigrate.

      • I am speaking about the UK Spike. You will have to adapt etc for the USA.

        ” Many white South Africans are about to be robbed whether or not they emigrate.”

        Not if we promise–and make good on that promise–brutal retaliation.

        Obviously election results will need to be checked.

        It won’t be difficult to spot the suspicious. The rule will be–“If we’re in doubt–you’re vote don’t count”.

        That will sink ZaNu, drain the London Labour Lake and have countless good effects at the same time.,

        • Of course; I’m offering observations from the USA to say that your 100-year ban would surely face comparable obstacles/sabotage, with the same motive on the part of Labour.

          And in the USA, the mere appearance of regarding some voters as “suspicious” would be a scandal. New Hampshire had to endure epithets to enact an identification requirement at the polls, and the clerk who has known me for 30 years knows she must ID me. (Just in case.)

          Now, how many Brits would regard racist expropriation from white South Africans as a justification for war?

          • NWO scum like Bliar have involved us in far worse messes with far less justification.

            Yes they will try to sabotage. Our job is to not let them.

  5. Some Twitter account suggested that Labour were courting the Muslim vote with their antisemitism yesterday, and The Board of Deputies of British Jews went bananas, accused the account holder of hate crimes, and sung the praises of the “many” Muslims (such as Sadiq Khan!) who were doing everything they could to stamp out antisemitism. I thought I’d fallen through the rabbit hole, and wondered how representative this body was of ordinary British Jews.

    Then David Lammy contacted the Met to report a hate crime and demand arrests, and all was back to normal again.

  6. I think blaming our Brown Future Masters for this is a little harsh. I think there are a lot of factors playing into this. One of which has been the decline of moral authority among the Jewish community and the Zionist movement.

    Other people have pointed out that when Israel moved to ruling a captive population in the West Bank they lost moral authority and credibility. They became another colonial power. Which is hard for the Left to accept. Ironically, they probably treated their own domestic Palestinians in Israel proper worse during the 50s than they have on the West Bank. They have admitted to torturing people and summary executions. But they continue to make it easy for Western reporters to work in Israel. No one is reporting much from Sudan.

    Israel’s defenders in the West have been just as bad – and I think this is the important one. They have been using accusations of anti-semitism with wild abandon. Anyone who has been even mildly critical of Israel has been smeared as an anti-semite. I can remember when people first reported on Israel’s use of torture – and the usually New York media outlets attacked anyone who mentioned it as being racists who pushed anti-semitic propaganda. A pity it turned out to be true isn’t it?

    So for people mildly critical of Israel’s position, they can expect to be attacked as racists by the Jewish Social Justice Warrior Community. So if you’re in for a penny, you may as well be in for a pound – especially as people don’t like other people who accuse them of being anti-semites.

    Still, this is now. Think what it will be like in twenty years. Britain’s Jews should have thought that through a little longer before they pushed for massive immigration.