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This is quite lovely, someone has done a survey wondering whether, post-Brexit, we English gammons would prefer to lose Scotland or Gibraltar. The answer being that we’d be much more worried about losing the 30,000 who pay for themselves than the 5 million who don’t. Funny that really. This is all predicated on the manner in which threading the needle of Brexit is going to mean – probably at least – having to say good bye to some or other of our current confreres.

Voters in England would rather the UK lost Scotland over Gibraltar, a new survey has revealed. Pollsters from Panelbase interviewed English voters to find out what price they would be willing to pay to see Brexit fulfilled.

A number of scenarios were put forward with people asked whether leaving the European Union would be worth it if it meant the UK lost Northern Ireland or Scotland or Gibraltar.

There is an important point here, over and above the usual gurning at porridge wogs.

If people are serious about winning the next indyref then they’ve got to start arguing that the English get a vote too. For it’s an entirely foregone conclusion that we’d all vote en masse to slice the country off just north of Hadrian’s Wall. On the terribly simple grounds that we’re sick of paying for the bits further north – and then being moaned at for having done so.

Actually, you’d near certainly get a majority in favour of forcing the Scots to go whatever their own thoughts on the subject.

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  1. Seems to be the current SNP approach. Having failed to persuade the Scots that they’d be better off with SNP government, they’ve moved on to convincing the English, Welsh and Irish that we’d be better off without the SNP.
    Seems nobody likes the SNP, it’s just that their opposition in Scotland is divided.

  2. All seems perfectly reasonable to me. I spent nearly 6 years doing missionary work in the Northern colony and had to deal with jock racism against the English virtually everyday. I’ve now lived in Gibraltar for the past 5 years and the only anti-English racism I’ve encountered during my time here was from a visiting Jock – admittedly this was in response to my observation that Gibraltar had sent some delinquent Macaques (ones that had stolen from and/or bitten visitors) to a wildlife park in Scotland and that as a result the average IQ and good behaviour levels in both places had markedly improved!