Weekend Wreading

To introduce a new little section, Weekend Wreading. The aim of which is to provide something to read for the weekend of course. We’ve the first installment of what should become a long running serial. We’re also offering you the chance to survey opening or other chapters of new books – and authors the opportunity to show the opening or other chapters of their new books to you.

We hope that over time the book the book feature will become a larger part of the site. Authors can just allow us to put up that preferred chapter, you here can read as much or as little as you’d like and then decide to take it further or not as you wish. If you’d like us to feature your book please do get in touch.

Ideas for serials and other ongoing features are also gratefully received.

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  1. ‘@Tim,

    I read it as Weekend Weeding and assumed it was a Gardening section.

    Wordplay is not appropriate in section headings for what purports to be a serious news site

    Make it: “Books”, “Literature” or “Art and Literature”

    • Yup, as I used to say at another site that disclaims being serious about anything, “Don’t crack wise with the navigation tools.” The forced alliteration here is weird, as the sounds aren’t the same, unless you are Barney Frank or Elmer Fudd.