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Aunt Agatha is PUBLISHED!

Aunt Agatha has been published (the money came from an anonymous donor). It was £2500+ If you’d like a copy, donate £10+ and you’ll get one in the post (after a quick char) Drop us a donation here, and we’ll shoot you a copy! 🙂 BUY AGATHA
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Cars in London

From our Swindon Correspondent: From On London On the face of it, then, we’ve seen red route traffic increase since March to a point where it is just a few per cent less than was normal pre-Covid for this time of year. If that is a trend and it continues, we seem to be on course for red route mileage to revert to what it used to be some…
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Independent Verification

From our Swindon Correspondent: One of my favourite techniques to verify data is to try and find other data, produced by other, unconnected means that should match an effect. The problem when people are connected is that they can often base their estimations on similar root information that is wrong. For example. if you wanted to verify…
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Jim, For The Good Of The Company, You’ll Be Gay On Tuesdays

There are three little problems with this idea from NASDAQ. The Securities and Exchange Commission on Friday approved a Nasdaq proposal that could make company boards — and, by extension, the companies themselves — more diverse. The rule requires companies listed on its exchange to report their board diversity and have on their board — or…

China, The EU And Power Over Tech Companies

I just love this confluence. The manner in which Inman, at The Guardian, licks his lips over the power the European Union will – or should – have over Big Tech. As compared to what actually happens with that power over Big Tech when someone has it, as in China. Inman: In the twilight years of the Obama presidency, it seemed that…
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How Poor Are The Poor, Really?

From our Swindon Correspondent: I’m a big fan of the comedian Doug Stanhope, and there’s a routine that he once did which is about people’s poverty being their own fault. From Wikiquote If you listen to anyone bitch about the economy for long enough, just let them talk, cuz you’ll eventually hear why it’s…
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It’s Worse To Be In Council Care Than To Be Abused At Home

That is one of the statements in an official report into the care of children in council homes in Lambeth. That to be in one of the homes was worse than to remain at home and be abused: Although most of the children had been taken into care after suffering violence and neglect at the hands of family members, the report noted that for some…
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Is Democracy The Highest Value Or Not?

We get told, interminably, by those over to our left that we should have a truly democratic economy. The argument being, as I understand it, that voting on stuff is the highest value. Who does what, how, at what price, is something that should be determined by us all marking a piece of paper so as to determine what the collective view is.…