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Published a Book? Let Us Promote It For You – For Free

We’re going to start a new section here at the Continental Telegraph. We will indeed be having a standard review section but why not slightly turn the idea upon its head? Have the readership here being the reviewers?

That means that we’re looking for extracts from books that you’ve published. There’s not exactly a great shortage of self-published e-books these days after all. Let us have your sample chapter say – the one you already allow people to read for free as a taster. Or if you’re pushing out a poem or two, or a review, or a part of a story, that’s fine. Let us publish, on an entirely non-exclusive basis, that bit you’re already allowing people to read for free.

We’ll publish a set of them each weekend. Our readers get a taste of you and your work. No doubt some will offer criticism of it – sometimes robust. Both sides here get something useful. Authors an exposure to the reading public, the public an exposure to authors and works they might not otherwise hear of.

Send an email to “” with the extract. Also, let us know where the complete, or perhaps other of your, works are for sale. We’ll see how it all works out.

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Twatting on Timmy
6 years ago

This is my choice pick to be reviewed. Publications Tax Justice Tax Us If You Can. A report for the Tax Justice Network published in September 2005 setting out its manifesto for action. Richard Murphy was one of the principal authors of the report. The Price of Offshore. A report produced for the Tax Justice Network showing that offshore tax havens cost the governments of the world $255 billion a year in lost taxation revenues. Closing the Floodgates A report for the Tax Justice Network on behalf of the Leading Group of Nations on how the massive tax losses by… Read more »

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