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The European Union’s GDPR Data Rules Only Increase The Amount Of Spam

We are all, of course, looking forward to getting out of that acranian organisation, the European Union. The latest example of the uselessness of it being the GDPR regulations. These supposedly stop people from oppressing us by misusing our data. By, you know, advertising things we might be interested in, producing free social networks and search engines and all the rest. The net effects of the new regs being a massive increase in spam of course:

More spam, courtesy of the EU

Yes, yes folks, well done there, well done indeed.

The new regs mean that everyone with a mailing list must mail you right now. Sheer genius, eh?

But then that’s what happens when you allow some small bureaucracy to try to plan a continent of 500 million people. Thank the Lord we’re leaving, eh?

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5 years ago

Yesterday I had an email from my agency asking me to reconfirm my permission to email me job bookings. Unfortunately, they’d also emailed everybody else on their books – as was clear by 98% of the email being the email addresses.

Of course, this was naturally followed by about 10% of the recipients doing reply-all to respond – including those people responding to tell the agency they’d spaffed everybody’s email addresses everywhere.

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