The Reason For The Globalisation Of Tech R&D


Why are companies employing all these foreigners to do this work? Why are they offshoring? Because there isn’t the talent at home:

The IT revolution and the globalisation of R&D

Lee Branstetter, Britta Glennon, J. Bradford Jensen 21 August 2018

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The US has no shortage of human capital — if the price is right. If foreigners want to do a given job for lower wages than we do, then perhaps that is not a problem. That this paper got grants from the National “Science” Foundation suggests that it is one more government “study” that is actually a “sales pitch,” as everyone knows that both parties want to jack up legal immigration.. Freedom to employ cheaper foreign labor (with or without moving workers to the US) would enrich consumers and investors, but rather than just run it through a computer model,… Read more »


I call b*ll*cks. Replies numbering in the hundreds of
“Due to the large volume of applications we receive we do not reply to applications individually. If you have not heard from us within two weeks of your application, please assume that you have been unsuccessful on this occasion.”
is not indicative of a skills shortage. Cut’n’pasted directly from a reply this morning.

(What’s going on? Why isn’t the posting working?)