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Microplastics Found In Every Human Gut – Microplastics Aren’t A Problem Then, Are They?

Just announced research tells us that microplastics – tiny bits of plastic whatevers – have been found in the gut. Well, more accurately, the production of the gut. Of all the humans who were tested. This tells us that microplastics aren’t a problem, doesn’t it? If we’ve all got ’em and we’re all not being murdered in our beds by ’em then they’re not a problem.

Scientists discover plastic in faeces of every person who took part in Europe-wide study
Up to nine different types of microplastic found in samples from each participant

The point being that while slightly interested in the prevalence of the plastics we’re massively interested in the prevalence of harm from whatever. We having no evidence whatever of any harm from micoplastics in the gut. And, logically enough, useful evidence of no harm if we’ve all got ’em:

The scourge of plastic pollution has spread to the human gut, with researchers finding small “microplastic” particles in the digestive systems of people across the globe.

Nine of the ten most common types of plastics were discovered in stool samples from individuals from eight countries, including Britain.

The findings prompted calls for research into whether microplastics — particles less than 5mm long — are absorbed by the body, and their effects, which are yet to be studied in depth.

“This confirms what we have long suspected, that plastics ultimately reach the human gut,” Philipp Schwabl, of the Medical University of Vienna, who led the study, said.

And the harm done by this is what? Nowt you say?

Next week, the revelation that human guts contain E coli.

And just to add a bit more logic. All faeces contains some radioactive nuclear residue. Much of which is from coal, not nuclear plants. So, Industrial Revolution, good idea or not?

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Arthur the Cat
Arthur the Cat
5 years ago

Sadly I didn’t keep the reference, but a few months back I read a paper on gut plastic and halogenated hydrocarbon contamination in seabirds(*). The hydrocarbons stick to preferentially plastic surfaces, so the researchers found that the more microplastics in a bird’s gut, the less hydrocarbons in their flesh. Bulk plastic like bags kills birds but microplastics actually make them healthier.

(*) Living the dream, eh?

5 years ago

Are they absorbed into the body? If they’re being pooped out: no.

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