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CT Forums Now Open..

The Continental Telegraphs forums are now open for business. We get hundreds of comments between here and so we have decided to setup a forum to discuss politics, finance and everything in between. It a chance to raise subjects with likeminded people that we don’t necessarily have a post about..

You can visit the forums here – right now we only have a ‘General’ forum, but happy to add others if you have any suggestions eg. Finance, Politics…….. Brexit?

You will need a CT account, you can signup on the right hand side of the forums, or by clicking register at the top of the site, next to the date. You can then click ‘profile’ and add a picture. Anonymity is ok, if thats what you prefer.

Any questions, hit the forum!


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2 years ago

Thanks Richard for the detailed bio, enough for us to ascertain that your surname doesn’t begin with M.

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