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Facepalm – Police Admit Gatwick Drones Could Have Been Police Surveillance Drones

The police have now admitted that at least some of the sightings of drones at Gatwick – you know, the stuff that closed the airport for a day and more – could have been of the police’s own surveillance drones. It’s possible to wonder whether Plod should be allowed technology more advanced than a whistle and a truncheon really – tho’ even then they’d be able to grasp the wrong end of that, no?

This is after their earlier admission that perhaps there weren’t any drones at all, it could all have been an outbreak of mass hysteria and visions. Quite apart from their arrest and overnight holding of a couple who seemed to have an interest in drones and lived a few miles away. Strong evidence of involvement there mateys:

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]Some drone sightings during the closure of Gatwick Airport before Christmas may have been of police drones, senior police officer says.
Speaking on Saturday, Giles York, the Chief Constable of Sussex Police said that he could not rule out the possibility that some sightings of drones reported during the incident were of drones that police had flown over the airport for surveillance purposes.
York said that there had been 115 reports of drone sightings during the incident, of which 92 had been confirmed as legitimate.[/perfectpullquote]

No, it’s not an admission that there was never any illicit drone around. At least, not as yet. But the repeated sightings of drones, the length of time the incident went on for. Well, who really is absolutely certain that wasn’t the police themselves? Given that not even the police are how certain should we be?

Seriously, that airport remained closed, hundreds of flights delayed, cancelled or diverted, and the vast majority of the drone sightings, at least 80%, were entirely legal – if not actually the police themselves. There’s actually the possibility that the initial sightings were illicit, sure. And then the police themselves carried it on into days two and possibly three?

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5 years ago

After that admission from the police, I hope the arrested couple are starting to feel a little litigious

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