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One Answer is “Get A Husband”

Jamie Dimon is interrogated:

And it’s an entirely reasonable question. Why shouldn’t the wages as a bank teller allow a bank teller to live?

Then answer being that the original question is misunderstanding what determines wages. What a bank pays to tellers is determined by how many people are willing to work as tellers at what wage. Sure, we can complicate that a bit by talking about how good those willing to work as tellers are going to be as tellers. But wages of bank tellers really are determined by the supply of and demand for bank tellers.

None of which has anything at all to do with how much it costs a single mother to raise her child.

We can though phrase this another way. The lady under discussion – Pamela – has made certain decisions about her life. These lead to certain costs to her in living that life. Now, why should the shareholders of JPMorgan be responsible for paying those costs of Pamela’s decisions?


All of which is of course before we start to think about what the father of Pamela’s child should be contributing to the raising of it.

Oh, and, well, a little bit of biology here. It has never been generally true that a single woman has or had the economic resources to raise a family. Nor a single male. That’s why pair bonding arose in this species we belong to. Not because it needed to but because those who didn’t failed to have children who survived to go on to breed.

That is, the answer to the costs of raising a family as a single parent is go get a husband honey.

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Jonathan Harston
Jonathan Harston
5 years ago

1 < 2, film at 11.

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