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Lysistrata Won’t Work Today – Alyssa Milano’s Call For Sex Strike Over Abortion Laws #SexStrike

Well, perhaps we should retreat a little bit from outright refusal to believe that it could possibly work. Shuffle back to it shouldn’t work given everything that we’ve been told about female sexuality these recent years. You know, that idea that the gals are gaggin’ for it just as much as the boys? If this is actually so – and a longish life hasn’t produced any empirical evidence that it isn’t – then we’re left with a tool that is as painful to use as any effect it will have upon the target.

That will rather raise the risks of fraternisation with the enemy really:


[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””] The actor Alyssa Milano ignited a social media storm with a call for women to join her in a sex strike, to protest against strict abortion laws passed by Republican-controlled state legislatures. The star of Charmed and Melrose Place urged women in her tweet to stop having sex “until we get bodily autonomy back”. Her tweet came days after Georgia became the fourth state in the US this year to ban abortions after cardiac activity is detected – about six weeks into a pregnancy and before many women know they are pregnant. [/perfectpullquote] [perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””] “We need to understand how dire the situation is across the country,” Milano said. “It’s reminding people that we have control over our own bodies and how we use them.” She noted that women have historically withheld sex to protest or advocate for political reform. She cited how Iroquois women refused to have sex in the 1600s as a way to stop unregulated warfare. Most recently, she noted that Liberian women used a sex strike in 2003 to demand an end to a long-running civil war. [/perfectpullquote]

Two successful incidences over some hundreds of thousands of years of species existence might not be enough proof that the idea will work.

Still, no Twitterstorm fails to include the delusional, does it?

So can blokes manage it without women Honey. What the hell do you think teenage boys do all day anyway?

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Rhoda Klapp
Rhoda Klapp
5 years ago

Yeah cos men never support abortion and all women do.

Matt Ryan
Matt Ryan
5 years ago

It’s my reproductive right to use abortion as a contraceptive. Still, it’s only removed 45,789,558 potential children in just the USA since 1970 –

Keep going girls – only about 4x the number killed by the Nazi’s!!!

5 years ago

Somehow I have a premonition that she is going to upstage Dame Emma. Someone will catch her having a shag in the first class cabin of a transatlantic flight.

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