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Morons And Demons

Why is it acceptable to wear a T-shirt with a hammer and sickle, but not a swastika?

Why is Che so chic, but Adolf so not?

His National Socialists killed six million, but the Communists in the USSR killed twenty million.

The Maoists killed almost 80 million.

Socialists, Communists, Maoists – over 100 million people dead just in the last century or so.

And yet these left-wing ideologies seem to be making a comeback in a way the Nazis aren’t – in America, the Democrats almost put forward a socialist instead of Hillary Clinton. If they hadn’t have conspired to see her victorious, Bernie Sanders might be POTUS today.

They have elected one recently to Congress – Alexandria Occasional-Cortex believes in free stuff for everyone, and would be happy to see the government have a LOT more power in order to achieve this goal. Anyone want to guess how that party will end? Of course we don’t need to guess when we have Venezuela lying in the street with its pants round its ankles.

In Britain, our Shadow Prime Minister is a socialist, and his Shadow Chancellor seems to be a Maoist, if his appearance in the Commons brandishing the Little Red Book is any indication.

Why is this happening?

Well, I blame the Right.

During the Cold War, the East and West didn’t just sneak around with spies and submarines – they installed academics into each other’s universities and tried to influence each other’s societies from within.

It might be argued that both sides succeeded – when the USSR bankrupted itself trying to outspend American missile programs, we saw the emergence of black markets almost immediately (which are of course merely free markets denied) and an oligarchy formed to harness the dying influence of the State. Even communist China seems to be dipping its toe into free market capitalism.

Whereas in the West, just as we should have celebrated victory over the lethal ideologies of Communism, our teaching class had been penetrated by the radical Left and were instead educating our children to be the next wave of socialists and communists. Modern-day “heroes of the revolution” like Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Angela Merkel, Jose Manuel Barroso and now Emmanuel Macron have emerged to lead them. All reached high office and have done and are doing tremendous damage to our cultures, from within.

Communitarian Obama started a race war and destroyed the American economy and foreign policy. Clinton set fire to the Middle East. Ex-Stasi Merkel has created a culture war at the heart of Europe. Maoist Barroso crafted in Brussels a supranational berth for all the fleeing nomenklatura of the Soviet era wishing to have another go. Macron is the cause of riots in France and that great symbol of French culture the Notre Dame has literally burned down on his watch.

We won the Cold War militarily and economically, but arguably lost culturally.

But why do I blame the Right?

Well, because we relaxed – we thought that because socialism and Communism had failed so grotesquely in full view of the world, with mountains of skulls, no-one would ever try again. We forgot that those who don’t know their history are doomed to repeat it, and the Leftist academics in our Institutions made sure our children never learned about Stalin’s deathcamps, only Hitler’s Youth.

So we relaxed and they prospered, like ticks burrowed in to our cultures they gave us cultural Lyme’s Disease – we thought no-one would be stupid enough to admire the Left again, so when they were, we treated them as morons. And that’s why the right tend to remain so patient with the Left, and tend not to stoop as low – we know we are battling idiots and useful idiots, and are happy to accept that many are well-meaning.

Not so on the Left – they are dumb enough to believe they are battling demons, and they conduct themselves accordingly. They use every dirty trick in the book, because when you believe you are fighting evil and not merely stupidity, no tactic is too extreme.

So I blame the Right – we relaxed too soon, and now a new generation will be washed up on the shores of socialism, as the hysteresis of their political awareness destroys their lives and damages our culture.

We don’t throw milkshakes over our opponents.

Because it’s not cool to be mean to retards.

But precisely because they are retards, our opponents believe we are evil.

And they would throw acid on us if they could.

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Leo Savantt
Leo Savantt
5 years ago

Bloody hell, that makes two gooduns in a row, nothing on the noncontinental Telegraph compares.

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