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A Question About Climate Change And Joined Up Government

Carbon emissions

In the Stern Review on climate change we are sternly (ahem) informed that we must abjure planning as a method of beating climate change. It’s inefficient compared with market processes. Inefficient things are more expensive, therefore if we tackle the problem in an inefficient manner we will do less of it. Resources are, after all, scarce.

So, a question about the efficiency of government planning on climate change. We’re told that gas boilers will be made illegal. That all such will have to be removed from UK housing within the next 15 years or so.

An idiot decision but there it is.

So, all gas boilers must be checked once a year by Corgi qualified gas engineers.

Government, that fount of joined up planning. Is it currently, still, training people to become these Corgi trained gas engineers who will not be needed in 15 tears time? Do we still have the NVQ in gas boilers? Apprenticeship schemes subsidised by the apprenticeship levy?

That is, can government find its own arse with two hands?

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4 years ago

Initially gas boilers will be banned from new-build as heat is to be supplied by electricity from the utterly unreliable windfarms, most of which have yet to be built.
I seriously doubt that the ones already in existence will be stripped out until they have fixed the electricity supply. Last year wind supplied one-sixth of demand on average but its share varied from a little under one quarter of 1% (in January when heating demand was near its maximum) to about 40% in August when heating demand was minimal.

4 years ago

Domestic gas boilers are the very last use of fossil fuels that should be eliminated.

This is because burning gas in situ avoids all the generating and distribution losses involved in producing and distributing electricity, so it is highly efficient. It is also the cleanest of all fossil fuels – and it only produces half the CO2 per unit of energy as other fossil fuels.

Eliminate all other uses of fossil fuels first, if we must.

4 years ago
Reply to  HJ777

Plus, there’s no signs of the required doubling of the capacity of the electricity grid required if the energy use of gas consumption is transfered over to electricity.
Oh wait, I’ve remembered, the whole point is for us to all shiver in peasant mud huts, not to actually continue with our current level of comforts.

4 years ago

going back to coal so the old miners have jobs again, are they ? for literal minded

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