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Are Tyrants Hijacking The COVID Language?

Remember these Brexit phrases?

“Crashing out”

“Withdrawal Agreement”

Language used not to illuminate, but conceal truth. To convince us not to believe our lying eyes.

Gaslighting, some call it.

We were never going to “crash out” – we were going to walk away.

And the Withdrawal Agreement was actually a Surrender Agreement – as reliably about withdrawal as the withdrawal method.

And now here we are again – “vaccine passports”

Let’s be clear – we are not merely talking here about a passport that you need to visit a foreign country.

We are talking about a government permit to go to the pub.

And this is nothing to do with vaccines – that’s the current pretext being used to get us to accept them, but let’s not pretend that permission to live our lives hasn’t been a goal of every police state ever. Theresa May made a number of attempts to push through ID cards just in the last twenty years.

So……….putting aside the foreign travel angle and putting aside the link to vaccination, what do we actually have here?

A government permit, that you will soon need to visit a pub. And once it is established, to visit the shops? To buy insurance?

Remember – all tyrannical governments want ID cards.

COVID is just giving ours a pretext for them.

So every time you hear “vaccine passports” remember that this is just the language being used to make you think that these are something to do with healthcare or foreign travel – fundamentally they are neither.

They are government permits that you will soon need in order to live your life.

Totalitarians are trying to hijack the language again, and if they are allowed to smuggle “vaccine passports” into the national discourse, we will sleepwalk into the next iteration of the surveillance state.

Finally, after numerous attempts by tyrants, one of the oldest democracies in the world will have wearily given up their essential liberties for a little security.

Are you ready to hear “Papers please”?

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Bloke in Kent
Bloke in Kent
1 year ago

One of your better, less hysterical or far fetched articles Alex, well done.

1 year ago

Another of those cases where nothing is more permanent than a temporary solution.

John Galt
1 year ago

<blockquote><ii>And the Withdrawal Agreement was actually a Surrender Agreement – as reliably about withdrawal as the withdrawal method.</ii></blockquote>

In reality it was a document of capitulation. We’re fortunate that our enemy is incompetent and the useful idiots fought against themselves in their own treason.

1 year ago
Reply to  John Galt

Only so far. We’re going to need a lot of luck – or a genuinely freedom loving government (a tautology?) to finish the job.

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