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The Bureaucracy As An Hereditary Caste

Donald Trump brought in the kiddies as advisors in the White House. Jack Kennedy did so with the cabinet. Well, you know, times change and all that.

What is actually far worse than that is when we end up with the bureaucracy being an hereditary caste. These people, because they are the righteous children of those who did the job before, are the correct folks to be running this particular office, this part of the nation.

Among those hired include J.J. Ricchetti, son of Counselor to the President Steve Ricchetti. On Monday, it was revealed that J.J. Ricchetti, who graduated from college in 2020, would be taking a position as special assistant in the Office of Legislative Affairs, a junior-level position in government. Meanwhile, Shannon Ricchetti, Steve Ricchetti’s daughter, is the deputy associate director of the Office of the Social Secretary at the White House, a job she took back in January. Daniel Ricchetti, Steve Ricchetti older son, is also senior adviser in the Office of the Under Secretary of State for Arms Control and International Security.

Apart from the four Richettis, Cathy Russell, director of presidential personnel in the White House, has a daughter, Sarah Donilon, who currently works in the White House National Security Council. Donilon graduated from college in 2019. At the same time, Mike Donilon, Sarah’s uncle, serves as a senior adviser to the president.

Sure, all of these people got hired exactly and precisely and only because they’re the perfect person for the job – Giggle.

But this is, in one sense, what The Donald was talking about when he shouted about The Swamp. The self-perpetuating caste that works, over the generations, on running the country. Thankfully all woke up about letting Kennedys do this – last one I heard of was something very, very important in Rhode Island, wasn’t he? Before that it was the pilot who couldn’t fly.

Or even, this is what George Washington was warning against when he talked of titles of nobility. The point he was making wasn’t, in fact, about calling someone Lord this or Earl that – something the US now reserves for musicians. Rather, the warning was about people being chosen to be politically important – members of the House of Lords – from birth because of who their parents were.

As it happens that system doesn’t work so badly given the horrors that come from appointment rather than selection by birth. But still. That’s what the warning was, the creation of a caste of those righteous to rule.

Which is exactly what is happening here. It’s not about these kids getting a summer job posturing in DC. It’s about the children of the current rulers gaining, as of right and career path, their training wheels in how to screw up the nation when their own generation’s time to power comes.

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3 years ago

What’s true Over There becomes true Over Here. The Kinnock clan say.

John Galt
2 years ago

What exactly is so different between the USA’s version of nepotism and the UK’s? If you looked at the list of PPA’s and such like how many of them are the sons and daughters of politically connected persons, from other MP’s to union leaders? Equally, the old boys network as we used to call it. “Bufton old chap? If you get my Tarquin a shoe in at that DoT job, I’m sure we could find room for Isolde at the Red Cross”. Sure, the forms change and it’s perhaps not as direct and obvious as it was, but it’s still… Read more »

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