Darren Grimes’ Legal Fees – Page Taken Down.


We need your help!

As you know we have been fundraising to raise the £20,000 that the Electoral Commission is demanding as a fine for Darren Grimes, the young and talented digital campaigner who worked so hard to secure Brexit.

If you donated to our campaign this this week through JustGiving, the good news is that we managed to secure about £4,000 in donations. The bad news is that JustGiving cancelled the fundraising campaign and has emailed everyone to say that they are refunding all the donations. The reason? They say that it is in their small print that fundraising for fines is not allowed – unlike us, they just don’t think it’s a good cause.

This is obviously very frustrating, especially as Darren has been fined for a technicality and has done nothing wrong – unless you’re a swivel-eyed Remoaner who wants to should CONSPIRACY/second referendum at every opportunity.

So we’ve set aside Continental Telegraph’s own secure credit card system, run by Stripe, to take donations. If you’ve tried to donate already, we’d love you to make the donation now through Stripe – and if you haven’t donated, please help us to reach the £20,000 target.

You can donate using the Continental Telegraphs own payment page here: https://donorbox.org/darren-grimes-legal-fees  DonorBox are apparently more liberal in allowing people to spend their own money than JustGiving, have a page