Jumping From The EU Train

Let’s be clear – The Withdrawal Agreement is poorly-named.

It does not involve withdrawing from the EU in any meaningful sense, but instead commits us to Remaining within the EU and strips the UK of any future self-determination. It removes from the UK control of any future departure from the EU, and places it in the hands of those who reside in the building in Brussels with the statute of Europa outside – a woman riding a bull, keen students of the Book of Revelation may notice.…

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As the digital-native Millennials enter the workforce, frictions are emerging.

Their loose arrangement with time-keeping, insistence that their jobs must have “meaning”, and their desire for mentoring is proving a challenge for their Gen X bosses, who just wanted someone who would turn up on time and get on with it without whinging.

But in the content industries, the Gen X bosses tend to be deluded liberals too.

Which is leading to some interesting problems.

For example, you will now find mainstream media website front pages are littered with spelling and grammatical errors – Simon Heffer famously left the Telegraph under a cloud because he could no longer bear it any more.…

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Having Your Cake And Eating It: Hate And Tolerance

So now the Jussie Smollett story doesn’t fit with the NPC mainstream media narrative (OrangeManBad!), it is vanishing down the memory hole, but can I refer to it one last time before we forget it forever and Jussie writes a book and is acclaimed “A Hero Of Diversity And Inclusion” and awarded his little gold star?

Diminutive thespian Ellen Page is refusing to apologise to Mike Pence for blaming him for the fake race attack on Smollett.

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Having Cake And Eating It: Resisting Tyranny

Rednecks say that guns are not about hunting or even self defence, but are about resisting tyrannical governments.

And of course this is hilarious – what reasonable person would imagine at this stage here in the 21st Century that the American government would ever become tyrannical and start arbitrarily murdering its citizens.


What do our Progressive friends have to say on this matter?

Well they say that no matter how well-armed a citizen you are, you would never be able to defeat agents of the State, so claiming that you need an AR-15 for that purpose is a frivolous defence, even if it was accepted that tyrannical government was even a remote possibility.…

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Having Cake And Eating It: They Come Over Here…

It used to be argued that immigrants “come over here and take our jobs”.

But do they?

Certainly when a skilled migrant comes to Britain to work as a doctor, they take a job that a British doctor might have done, right? After all, the NHS can only afford to employ so many doctors – the NHS budget is not a bottomless money pit into which we throw taxpayers money?


Never mind.

But this a bad example – the NHS is SHORT of doctors, so we have to recruit from aboard.…

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Having Cake And Eating It: Creative Destruction

Good old Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez – she’s doing for America what Jeremy Corbyn has done for Britain. Much to the dismay of the secret socialists now entrenched in the Democrat Party, she is stripping away the protective layer of bulls**t that socialism normally has to rely upon to keep people from understanding its inherent failings, and is thus laying it bare before the world.

Because she is too ignorant to understand them – she actually believes in socialism, and thinks that if only it is adequately explained to the rest of us, we will love it as she does.…

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How The Climatechangers Change Us

As James Delingpole explained in his excellent book, Climatechangers are really just watermelons  – green on the outside but red on the inside. You’ll notice that none of their ideas about how to prevent climate change involve anything other than bigger government.

For them, climate change is just a pretext – an irrefutable argument (“if you disagree that we need to save the planet you must want people to die!”) that enables them to demand more taxes and more power for them and their friends so they can set the world to rights.…

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What’s Wrong With The Austrians?

The Austrian School of Economics is little regarded by our leaders and bankers.

You know, the people who have repeatedly blown up our economies.

But why don’t they like it?

Well, there’s no money in it, and it is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends on his not understanding it (Upton Sinclair)

You see, the Austrian School says that public spending can’t help us once we’re in a jam.

In fact, it says that public spending beyond a certain level actually makes things worse – every penny the State takes from the taxpayer after that is a penny wasted, and that the taxpayer can no longer use to boost the economy.…

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What Do You Have To Do To Get Deported Around Here?

I’ve had lots of conversations with people about tax.

There is never any shortage of Lefties willing to soak the rich for more taxes – there’s a bunch of them very publicly at it in America at the moment, with the usual results.

And I’ve found that when you try to patiently explain that those who decide whether a tax is fair is those asked to pay it, they go a bit blank. Once they get their minds around it and accept that rich people are pretty mobile and can choose to flee to more benign jurisdictions if they wish, those that can accept the reality (there are many who can’t and insist it won’t happen, even after it happens) almost always respond in exactly the same way.…

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Having Cake And Eating It: Part I – Sex And Death

A recent article about prostitution in Amsterdam revealed for me the stunning hypocrisy of the modern Left, and the way they are happy to use an argument AND its reverse, when it suits them.

It’s merely the latest in a long line of such hypocrisies, so I have a few pieces planned in the same vein.

Part I is called Sex & Death, because it looks at their views of prostitution and abortion.

So the mayor of Amsterdam is telling us that prostitution is an embarrassment.…

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