The Market Doesn’t Lie – Fewer Female And BAME Characters In Picture Books

Sure, we could say that only white characters turn up in picture books because the printing ink’s cheaper. But that would be to be facile and jejeune, most unlike us around here. The Guardian is telling us though that there are fewer female and BAME characters in picture books this year.

Which might be a problem, might not be, entirely up to you to decide that for yourself. The thing to remember here though is that markets don’t lie.…

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The More Difficult Brexit Is The Greater The Necessity Of Leaving

Today’s worry about Brexit is that the Food Standards Agency isn’t going to be ready in time. Well, OK, sorta doubt that every manufacturer is going to start adding listeria to the food supply once Jean-Claude Juncker isn’t in charge. But the more we get these complaints about how this bit, or that part, of the governing apparatus needs to change in order to cope with Brexit the greater the need to leave:

The UK’s food safety body and local authorities are struggling to prepare for Brexit as they battle with other challenges such as climate change, population growth, crop disease and fraud, according to Whitehall’s spending watchdog.

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Don’t Be Silly, Of Course Boris Johnson Is A Feminist

There’s a certain amount of confused thinking going on here and it’s not by us:

Boris Johnson ridiculed for claiming he is a feminist

Why ridiculed?

Boris Johnson’s claim that he is a feminist has been ridiculed by Labour MP Jess Phillips. Ms Phillips, a prominent campaigner on women’s rights, said: ‘If Boris Johnson is a feminist, then I went to Eton.’

We have considerable evidence that Boris rather likes women, don’t we? Even that he gave  a woman a lift to exercise her natural right to have an abortion.…

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Mackenzie Bezos, As With So Many Female Philanthropists, Giving Away A Man’s Money

That headline might be a bit unkind for of course, women do just as much to build a family as their husbands do. Although, honestly, let’s be realistic. It’s Jeff that built Amazon, not Mackenzie. And It’s Mark who built Facebook, not Priscilla. Just as it was indeed Madame Walker, or Sara Blakely, that made the money not any of the men in their respective lives.

All of which makes this rather an interesting article. Because it’s celebrating the manner in which women are becoming larger philanthropists.

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That Virginia Beach Mass Shooting

Police say the gunman was a “disgruntled” employee of Virginia Beach’s public works department and shot “indiscriminately”.

Clearly we must reduce the amount of bureaucracy in life so as to reduce the amount of disgruntlement that leads to such mass shootings.

Virginia Beach shooting: 12 dead as gunman opens fire on colleagues

Can’t help thinking that they’d be better described as ex-colleagues.

Yes, pendantry is alive and well even in times of strife and terror.

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Vince Cable As Salvator Sedes – Change UK Might Merge With Lib Dems

Heidi Allen has said that Change UK, the Tiggers, err, whatever they call themselves, might merge with the LibDems. Which seems suitable enough, that is where political parties go to die:

Heidi Allen says Change UK could merge with Lib Dems

Hmm, yes.

Speaking to BBC Radio 5 Live, she said: “I would like us to be in the same vehicle.” Asked if she meant the same party, Allen replied: “Yeah, probably, I don’t know.

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US CPI Inflation Is Still Below Federal Reserve Targets

The big economic question is, well, when is the Federal Reserve going to raise interest rates again? Or, if you’re very gloomy about Trump’s tax cut boost and its effects, when is the Fed going to lower them again? That is, monetary policy does actually matter.

At which point everyone is looking to the runes of the various inflation measures. On the sensible grounds that the Fed has an inflation target, we can look at how reality is according with that and thus divine.…

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It Appears That Breast Cancer Is Just One Of Those Things About Being A Woman

Around here we’re used to seeing the world through a particular lens. To the point of monomania in fact, using economics as our foundational logic system. This means that we’re always fascinated by natural experiments. For within economics it’s terribly difficult to conduct controlled such. Sure, you can torture some undergraduates in a lab but that’s not all that illuminating about the real world and entire economies are difficult to herd onto a university campus.

The monomania means that it can take time for us to remember that other subjects work differently.…

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When Progressive Teaching Meets The Reality Of Human Children – Not A Pretty Sight

That progressive ideas have a certain problem when they meet – and thus conflict – with reality is obvious. If we really all were the entirely cooperative beings that certain economic theories suppose then socialism would work. As it doesn’t then we have to question that core belief about the inherent cooperativeness. Another way of saying much the same thing is that if incentives didn’t matter then that same socialism would work. It don’t so therefore serious consideration must be given to the idea that incentives – direct and personal incentives – matter.…

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Finally, Someone Gets Tulipmania Right – Saving The Tulp Book For Holland

A standard critique of markets is that they’re prone to wold miscalculations of “real” value.A prime example being Tulipmania when, as The Observer tells us:

Each of the 104 pages in Nicolaes Tulp’s book of tulips contains a watercolour painted by the artist Jacob Marrel, with a record of the market values of the bulbs at the height of 17th-century tulip mania, the world’s first speculation bubble. The catalogue bears testament to a period in the 1630s when the Netherlands was the richest country in the world and single tulip bulbs would sell for more than 10 times the annual income of a skilled worker.

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