Lib Dems Living In The Past(?)

Im not exactly the technical wizard but a quick analysis of the Lib Dem homepage shows they are still using keywords for their SEO. For those not technically minded Google no longer uses keywords as a search ranking factor since 2009.

More interestingly even if they still believe that keywords do help ranking, they have helpfully included Tim Farron, Nick Clegg and even Vince Cable before their own almighty, Jo Swinson.

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Michael John Waring – 1939 – 2019

It is with great sadness that we note the death of our beloved friend, father, brother and tutor Professor Michael Waring on 16 November 2019.

A world expert on the science of cancer, antibiotics, and drug interactions with DNA, Michael worked in the University of Cambridge’s Department of Chemotherapy between 1965 and 2004. He held Guest Lecturer and Visiting Professor roles around the world during that time.

Outside of work, Michael was passionate about music and sport.…

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How Will Brexit Impact Future Trade Deals Between The UK And The US?

In April, Nancy Pelosi, a Democratic who is Speaker of the House of Representatives, stated that if an eventual Brexit deal meant the rebuilding of a hard border between Ireland and Northern Ireland, there could not be a trade deal made between the US and the UK. The soft border is one of the results of the Good Friday Agreement, a monumental development established in 1998. It brought an end to the Troubles, which were decades of death and violence as Republicans and Unionists fought over the status of Northern Ireland.

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Ignorant Feminism – The Lefty Problem, Way Too Much Faith In Marketing And Advertising

That women’s sport generally offers less money to those partaking is true. That women’s sport generally has fewer people watching it, fewer people willing to pay for it, is also true. Quite why these are so is an interesting question.

One logical answer would be that we’re a sexually dimorphic species, that we differ in certain manners dependent upon our gonadal arrangements. Earlier generations would not find this problematic to believe in. We can even today make a reasonable case that men are into team sports because that’s one of the things that males do.…

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You Can’t Flee Zimbabwe – Government Out Of Money To Buy Passport Paper

There are certain bits of government that are actually necessary, there are certain things which simply must be imported to aid in doing those essential government actions. A good signal, symbol, of government falling into catastrophic disorder is when the trivial sums necessary to purchase such imports prevent those necessary things from being done.

There was an example of this under Mugabe. That 100 trillion Zim $ note we all make fun of. The only reason they didn’t carry on printing was because those notes weren’t worth enough to buy the ink necessary to print further notes.…

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Working In Legal Weed Industry Could Kibosh Immigration Status – Yes, Obviously So

There’s a certain confusion here about the legal status of cannabis and the weed industry. For the Federal government is saying that working in that legal weed industry could be detrimental – exclusionary even – to the chance of immigrants becoming citizens.

Eh? How can doing a legal job means you’re not going to get citizenship? The answer being that there are several systems of law in the United States. And weed is legal under one set of such laws and not another.…

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Strive Masiyiwa Is Right, Zimbabwe Should Price In SA Rand – Anything But Zim$

The precise details of this call for Zimbabwean businesses to price in South African Rand, put forward by Strive Masiyiwa, might not be entirely correct. But the overall idea, that no one should be trying to price nor transact in variations of the Zimbabwe dollar are entirely correct.

In conventional economics not having your own currency is something of a problem. It means that there can be no monetary policy that is locally determined. Thus there’s no monetary policy attuned to the needs of the local economy.…

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Labour’s Tin Ear, Bread For Passover – Or Is It Antisemitism?

The Labour Party really has outdone itself here. They’ve offered a Passover greeting to Jews. Nothing wrong with that in the slightest of course and it’s usual politics. Offering greetings and salutations for Diwali, Christmas and all and any other religious festivals observed by any more than trivial number of potential voters is entirely standard.

But illustrating such a greeting for Pesach with a loaf of bread is a bit like offering a congratulatory tipple to the local AA chapter.…

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Larry Elliott’s Mistake – Fewer Support Social Justice Than Climate Change Action

This isn’t just Larry Elliott making this mistake it’s a general one across the left. The idea that the way to get everyone signed up to doing something about climate change is to gee them up with the heralding dawn of social justice. The point being that the specific form of social justice that is being promoted here is opposed by a majority of the population. That’s why it never has taken power in an election in this country.…

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How Did People Have Children Before The Welfare State?

A fairly silly thing being said here by Philip Inman:

Not enough babies? Not enough state support for families
Phillip Inman

That really is a silly thing to say:

When governments withdraw from child-friendly policies, their citizens are, unsurprisingly, more reluctant to procreate

Social support – the welfare state that is – has rather increased over the past century or so. Family size has decreased over the past century or so. Reality seems to disagree with Mr Inman but then with Mr.…

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