Don’t Trust Government Then

We should all be familiar with Love Canal – where the company who had dumped the chemicals told the local authorities not to put housing there but they went ahead anyway. We’ve now something similar in New Orleans:

In the 1980s, black New Orleanians were encouraged to buy houses built by the city on top of a toxic landfill. Three decades later it is one of Louisiana’s worst cancer hotspots, but residents of Gordon Plaza are still fighting to be relocated

Note that, it’s the city that did this.…

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New York Times Discovers The Problem With The Large State

The New York Times is not normally a fan of the small, minarchist, state. That is to put the point in a most mild manner, for they’re usually all in favour of ever more governance and ever larger government, as long as the sort of people who write the New York Times are the people doing the governing.

When considering the European Union’s agricultural policies they manage to spot a small flaw in how such a system works:

Yet it is opaque in key areas, with gaping shortcomings in accountability.

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Pete Buttigieg And That Promise To McKinsey

Whether Mayor Pete actually is keeping his word or he’s trying to hide something dodgy we’re about to find out. But that basic idea, that someone should keep their word, is a useful innovation in politics, no?

Sticking to your word is an interesting innovation in modern politics. We might even hope for more of it.

Politics is the art of managing the passing moment. The things that are politically judicious to do are those that gain that fleeting support necessary for the next period before the inevitable election.

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The Great HRT Disaster – NHS Price Fixing To Blame

I find this extremely amusing I do. No, not the idea that there are millions of women now screaming at their partners as a result of the change of life – not that sort of amusement. Rather, that there’s a cock up here and near no one will take the correct message from it, learn the right lesson.

Don’t screw with markets.

But that’s just what has been done. HRT is now difficult to find – the actual drugs themselves that is – because the National Health Service decided to fix the price.…

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Tu Quoque – The Lad Treated On The Floor Of The Hospital

Apparently, that the National Health Service is not very good at providing health service is proof that the country is descending into fascism:

What we’re seeing here is deeply disturbing. In response to a story it doesn’t like, the Conservative Party – or more likely, a separate organisation with plausible deniability of its connections to the Conservative Party – is trying to bury it not with spin, but with outright lies and defamation. Those lies are coming from a range of sock puppet accounts on multiple social networks and their message is then amplified by tame journalists.

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The Merits Of A State Run Electricity Grid

As we all know having he government run the monopoly electricity grid is a no brainer. Why should private capitalists be able to make money out of what everyone needs? Our of a monopoly?

The idea that the state might not actually be competent at running a grid perhaps?

South Africa is in the grip of an unprecedented power crisis after record rolling blackouts were announced to prevent a total collapse of its decrepit energy grid.

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You’re Right, Labour Does Want To Steal Your Money

An argument is being made that nationalisation of everything would be a good idea. Hmm, the idea of Owen Jones running the utilities does not exactly excite, it has to be said. But let’s assume that it’s not going to be a disaster. OK. So what price should Labour be paying for these assets?

A sound economic approach would be to return to shareholders the money they had actually invested in the companies – the “book value” of their equity, a total of £56bn – without providing any public money to preserve any of the current excessive returns.

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That Difficult Subject Of Library Closures

From our Swindon Correspondent:

Almost 800 libraries have closed since the Conservative-Lib Dem government implemented austerity in 2010, new figures reveal.

The Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy’s (Cipfa) annual survey of the UK’s libraries, excluding Northern Ireland, shows there are 3,583 library branches still open in the UK – 35 fewer than last year. Since 2010, 773 have closed.

The closure of almost a fifth of the UK’s libraries over the last 10 years comes against a backdrop of a 29.6% decline in spend, said Cipfa.

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Entire Idiocy About Socioeconomic Inequality And Premature Mortality

Sadly the cretins are out in force again. This time it’s a repeat of the really stupid assumptions underlying socioeconomic inequality and premature mortality. This is just so obviously wrong that it’s astonishing that the medical profession takes it seriously. But, sadly, they do, and thus so do other people.

The problem is that they ascribe the difference in premature mortality to socioeconomic inequality. Which would be wrong even if we were to use poverty itself, not just inequality, as our problem to be avoided.…

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