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It is just so much fun when we can see different parts of the left – or perhaps the prodnoses – eating each other. The latest coming over a series of ads from Cancer Research. Being fat, wobbly, over-stuffed, is the second leading cause of cancer in the UK after smoking. This is simply factual – well, we assume it is. But apparently we’re not, they’re not, allowed to say this because fat shaming.

Yup, land whales are complaining because being told that they’ve upped their cancer risk by gorging is, umm, well, it’s, what is it? Unfair? Impolite? Potentially illegal?

An award-winning comedian has accused Cancer Research of “fat-shaming” after they launched a campaign against obesity.

Sofie Hagen, a Danish-born comedian who has lived in the UK since 2012 and appeared on the BBC multiple times, tweeted a picture of the poster, which spells out “OBESITY” with some missing letters, and asks readers to guess what the biggest cause of cancer is, after smoking.

Another advertisement in the campaign features chips presented in a cigarette packet.

She wrote: “Right, is anyone currently working on getting this piece of s— CancerResearchUK advert removed from everywhere? Is there something I can sign? How the f—ing f— is this okay?”

Angry campaigners have called for the campaign to be pulled, and some have said they will stop donating to Cancer Research because of the “fat-shaming” campaign.

We have no idea who Ms. Hagen is. But perhaps we have a clue in the fact that she came here rather than moving to the Faroes. Too much risk of being stripped for her blubber there?