Brexit Party At 34% In Voting Intentions – Remoaner LibDems On 12%


As we’ve all known for sometime now if Remain could be said to win the euro-elections then that would have been a referendum upon that subject of Brexit. It’s cancelled that is. But if Leave wins or could be said to have that would be different because reasons.

Looks like they’re going to declare reasons:

Senior Tory and Labour politicians have issued frantic calls to their voters to back them in next week’s European elections after a new poll showed support for Nigel Farage’s Brexit party had soared to a level higher than for the two main parties put together. The Opinium survey for the Observer places the Brexit party on 34%, when people were asked how they intended to vote on 23 May, with Labour slipping to 21% and the Conservatives collapsing to just 11%. Ominously for Theresa May, support for the Tories at the European elections is now less than a third of that for Farage’s party, and below that for the Liberal Democrats, who are on 12%. The poll suggests the Brexit party, launched only last month, is now on course for a thumping victory that Farage will, MPs fear, use to back his argument that the UK must leave the EU immediately without a deal.

Well, Farage is putting his argument to the people, no? And it’s the people who decide, no? Democracy being that idea that the voters get what the voters ask for, good and hard?

Except, of course, that’s not the Remain argument at all. The voters should only get what is good for them, the definition of good being decided by the rulers.

In other news today we’re told that the Brexit Party would win 49 seats in a general election held today. Might even be true that although I have my doubts. Ukip’s support – including declarations on how to vote at a GE – always surged around the euros then fell back as they receded. Maybe the anger would carry through this time but dunno.

What really is interesting in these numbers though is how different from the referendum they are. Tory and Labour are, well, wibble. We’ll do something, some deal, negotiate, and their support is falling drastically. The LibDems are stating that we’ll not leave at all and they’re on 12%. The bugger it, we’re off, Brexit Party is on 34%. Which is a considerable firming of that bugger it vote, no?

Sure, the referendum showed a plurality for leave. We now seem to have a plurality for my more extreme view – we’re off and we don’t care how. Actually, that slightly worries. A plurality think as I do? Not sure the universe can take something that unusual.

But to be serious about these polls. As and when Remain goes down in burning flames at the euros they’re going to have reasons, because, about why that’s not a verdict upon Remain, aren’t they? Anyone care to give us a preview of those reasons in the comments?