Brexit Will Immediately Benefit 65 Million Consumers – From Day 1


As we well know there are people out there who manage to grasp entirely the wrong end of the stick – there is no excuse for Jezza other than that. But even among those who grasp the ordure stained knob there’s no excuse for this:

British farmers and manufacturers are at risk of being left defenceless against a flood of cheap imports in the event of a no-deal Brexit, The Daily Telegraph can reveal, amid growing concerns that the Government may struggle to pass legislation to cushion a hard exit from the EU. Incoming ministers in Boris Johnson’s administration are being told that unless they can pass specific new laws through a hostile House of Commons, the UK will have no legal basis on which to levy protective tariffs in the event of a no deal.

The correct way to report the same story is that Brexit will benefit all 65 million of us consumers. Immediately, from Day 1 of the New Era.

Because domestic producers will no longer be able to insist on charging us high prices for their shit products. We’ll have access to the best in the world at the very finest prices. That’s what free trade means, that’s what the inability to charge tariffs means.

For, recall what a tariff is. It’s a tax placed upon the consumer. A tax for the temerity of preferring to buy from J Foreigner than D Taff, A Jock or J Bull. Sure, it’s entirely true that the benefit flows to the producer being protected – but the cost falls upon the consumer being rooked.

What Brexit does is allow us to free ourselves from this mafia protection racket. That is, not protecting farmers isn’t some error nor blip in Brexit, it’s the point.