Does Britain Want To Be Ruled By The German Defence Minister?


An interesting and useful example of the manner in which Europe works. Just keep on asking the same question until the people finally agree the correct way.

Ursula von der Leyen is the next President of the European Commission. Her previous job was as the Defence Minister – what used to be called War Minister – of Germany.

In the 20th century Britain was asked, twice, whether it would like to be ruled by the German Defence Minister. We collectively – and with some vehemence – said no, thank you, we wouldn’t.

So, of course, using the standard policy of just continuing to ask the same question until the vote goes the right way – see France, Ireland, Denmark, Holland and their referenda for examples – we’re being asked again.

My answer hasn’t changed, that of the plurality of the population hasn’t, the majority of those who voted on the point share my view – no, thank you, we’d prefer not to be ruled by the German Defence Minister. Nor even by a graduate of said Ministry.

Rather a pity that all too few are listening to our polite statement. For such deafness will only lead to our position being stated with increasing vehemence.