Electoral Commission Admits Its Forms Are Very Complicated


Electoral Commission forms are clearly incredibly complicated to complete.  That’s the only thing you can really take home from the news that the Commission is planning to spaff the best part of £500k of taxpayers money.  In the sort of nonsensically expensive squabble lawyers love the cash is to defend it’s decision to fine Darren Grimes / BeLeave £20,000.

The original fine possibly being for the heinous crime of ticking the wrong box on an Electoral Commission form. The question being somewhat along the lines of the oxymoronic “Are you an organisation or individual?”

It takes the people that wrote it half a million quids worth of lawyer to show how to fill the form in properly.  Ergo it must be a pretty bloody complicated form – so it’s not really surprising that the odd mistake is being made?

Electoral Commission tolerance seems to be in short supply to amateur pro brexit campaigners. If you want to drop a fiver onto Darrens side this David vs Goliath legal squabble you can still do so for the next couple of days here.