Germany Won’t Extradite Germans Post-Brexit – Affecting Two People. Yes, 2.


So we’re told at least, that Germany will stop extraditing German citizens to face the music in Britain post-Brexit. This seems reasonable enough as the method used at present is the European Arrest Warrant, something which is a European Union abomination.

There are, of course, other methods of extradition than the EAW but often enough a country insists that it won’t extradite one of its own through those other systems. The EAW states that it must.

Berlin will stop extraditing Germans to Britain immediately after Brexit even if it leaves the European Union with a deal, the Financial Times reported on Sunday, citing a formal notification submitted by Germany to the European Commission last week. The notification cites concerns faced by Britain and the EU in maintaining their security cooperation at the current level after Brexit, according to the report.

The thing is though extradition isn’t all that common an undertaking. We’ve even got the statistics for it, here. We asked for, in 2017-8, no Germans. We got two Germans. And we got 15 arrested in Germany.

Note that it’s only German nationals that Germany won’t extradite to the UK post-Brexit. So, at entirely the worst, we’re talking here about 2 people who might not righteously face justice in our sceptered isle.

That might be a price worth paying to be free of Brussels, don’t you think?