Isn’t That European Arrest Warrant A Lovely Thing – Apart From Being Illegal


Back when one of the things I used to complain about was the European Arrest Warrant. It wasn’t that anyone could just be picked up off the street and shipped away to stand in front of some magistrate elsewhere. It was the basic insistence that all European justice systems were equivalent in their protections of the rights of the accused that irked. This clearly wasn’t and isn’t so – Lordy, most of them don’t even have juries in criminal trials.

Now we find out that a major part of the system isn’t even legal:

Germany has been forced to tear up more than 5,000 international arrest warrants because of a successful legal challenge that argued they could be politically motivated. Judges warned that prisoners extradited from other EU countries and jailed in Germany could have their sentences overturned after Europe’s highest court ruled that the warrants were invalid, spreading chaos through the German law enforcement system. The European Court of Justice (ECJ) decided two weeks ago that Germany was not legally competent to issue European arrest warrants because its prosecutors were not sufficiently shielded from political interference.

Isn’t that European justice system a wondrous thing? Thousands upon thousands jugged illegally – or at least extradited to be so illegally.

and the reason why we stay in such a system is what?