Remain Petition’s 6 Million Signers Include Nigel Farage, A Hitler (CBE) and Idi Amin – 700 Times


The usual federasts are making much of the Remain – cancel Article 50 that is – petition reaching 6 million signatures. This may not be all that much of an achievement as there’s no check to make sure that it’s actually a real person signing. Or a resident, someone with the right to vote or, even, just one very pissed off bloke with millions of email addresses. The result is that it’s been signed by one A Hitler (CBE), Nigel Farage apparently and Idi Amin, the King of Scotland himself, has arisen from the grave to scribble his name at least 700 times.

So, that petition then, it’s federast propaganda and not even good lies at that:

Some cynics circulated conspiracy theories the petition had been “hijacked by bots”. Yet the official Commons petitions committee said that 96 per cent of the signatures were listed as from the UK. It explained on Twitter that various tools were used “to identify and block signatures from bots, disposable email addresses and other sources that show signs of fraudulent activity”.

Yeah, right. So, Rod Liddle then:

6m signatures? It’s a load of Wobblers
The petition to revoke article 50 and stay in the EU has now reached 6m signatures, including mine more than 30 times under some of the following names: Bob Wibble, Bob Wobble, Jah Wobble, Annette Curtain, Mamu The Dog-Faced Boy and A Hitler (CBE).

But, but, there are checks and everything!

There have been conspiracy theories about the petition on both sides of the debate. Some said crashes on the site since the petition launched were a plot to prevent further signatures. Others claimed that a small proportion of signatures from overseas IP addresses – including one from North Korea – meant the petition had been hijacked by bots. In fact, 96% of the signatures were from the UK.

Amazingly, Brits are known to like a bit of a laugh too:

The petitioners include ‘Queen Elizabeth’, ‘Idi Amin’ and indeed ‘Nigel Farage’. But worse, people are boasting of signing several times. How does an official and supposedly robust petitions website allow this to happen?

For example, you can absolutely guarantee that Nigel’s name will appear there and also that he won’t have signed it. But, you know, lying in a good cause is a good thing, isn’t it?

In an official response posted on the parliamentary petitions website, the Government said: “This Government will not revoke Article 50. We will honour the result of the 2016 referendum and work with Parliament to deliver a deal that ensures we leave the European Union.”

It’s not going to work:

Truly, Brexit Derangement Syndrome has gone viral. Already, an impressive list of characters has signed the petition. Jacob Rees-Mogg has given it his seal of approval over 8,000 times. Idi Amin, of all people, has signed it over 700 times.

A toxic cesspit of federast lies – ooops, sorry, we were talking about this petition, weren’t we, not Brussela.

Look, anyone who takes that 6 million number seriously is lying to you. The question to ask them is why are you lying to me?