Remainers Actually Are The Antivaxxer Fools


Or possibly could be the antivaccination twits are the same people as those deluded enough to desire to remain. After all, we’ve all seen the association in an individual between the two forms of woo.

So, what happens if we observe the map of low vaccination rates and counterpose it with those areas that deludedly voted for remain?

Remain v antivaxx

True, not exactly conclusive proof but interestingly indicative, no? Two forms of idiocy extant in the same places.

Now, moving away from the Har Har version of this story we are interested in such statistical correlations. To the point that we’d be delighted if anyone were able to uncover the information necessary to test for – rather than just eyeball – such a correlation. And, of course, we’d be even more interested in other such correlations.

Not just the fun stuff like Tyler Vigen’s, but things which make actual sense as well. You know, what idiocies are correlated with thinking that we should continue to be ruled by Van der Lyin’?

Our original information here coming from Sean O’Connor.

Update, from Matthew Grey:

There is a correlation, but it’s not particularly strong at 0.53 (Remain vote % correlated with % children aged 5 who’ve had both MMR jabs) with a corresponding -0.53 for Leave (leave vote % correlated with children aged 5 who’ve had both MMR jabs).

So, to standard political proofs, this is proven then…..