Richard Seymour Indulges In More Than A Little Brexit Projection


Richard Seymour is the Marxist behind the Lenin’s Tomb blog. Also a former member of the Socialist Workers’ Party. You know, one of those calling for the capitalists to be strung up from the lamp posts, the bourgeoisie to be eliminated as a class*.

He then tells us that it’s Brexiteers who are indulging in the violent societal fantasies:

Farage is often called a populist. The main sense in which this is true is that he is not afraid of the dark side of public feeling, whether it is the collective hate of outsiders or the whoosh of excitement as the currency slides, parliament slowly implodes and chaos beckons. To the contrary, he is keenly attuned to the prejudices of middle England, its anguished resentment and its yearning for adventure. He advocates for it and fuses it to his project of creative destruction. It was, after all, Farage and his allies who spotted, well before Cummings and the supposed geniuses of Vote Leave, that people unruffled by European fisheries or subsidy rules would harken to the language of race war. It wasn’t enough just to link the EU to immigration. An atmosphere of national crisis, of “invasion”, of a “breaking point”, had to be invoked, and linked to folk memories of the second world war, Dunkirk and the blitz.

The SWP has spent decades insisting that this – whatever this is -, this time, this event, is what will finally get the proletariat up off its knees to bring about the destruction of the current order. To, obviously, welcome in true socialism.

As someone who actually worked for Ukip and Farage I can point out that actually we just wanted to leave the European Union. On the grounds that we thought the European Union was a bad form of governance.

But, you know, Dickie S is projecting.

As to his actual knowledge of the world:

The strength of Farage’s position is derived not from what he builds, but from the weaknesses he exploits. As a stockbroker with a nose for vulnerability,

As far as I’m aware at least Farage never was a stockbroker. No, “something in the City” doesn’t mean stockbroker. But, you know. Dickie and facts….

*There’s some polemical hysteria in this description but not much.