So Facebook Isn’t Being Used To Steal The European Elections Then


You’ll recall how it was all the Russians, or black money, or illegal spending, or Facebook, or summat, which led to the referendum result where the establishment Remain view lost. Carole Cadwalldr’s been telling this all year now, so it must be true. If only there were some way that we could test this. Facebook advertising – paid for by whomever – undermines democracy and allows the wrong peeps to win, does it?

The upstart pro-EU political party, formerly known as the Independent Group, spent £87,000 on Facebook adverts in the seven days up to Wednesday, becoming the biggest single political advertiser on the social networking site, following predictions it could fail to elect a single MEP and faced with the potential resignation of the party’s interim leader, Heidi Allen.

The largest – in this week at least – Facebook advertising spend doesn’t look like stealing the election really.

The Brexit party has focused on going viral of its own accord, while only spending £20,000 on adverts.

The people who are going to win the election have been spending relative peanuts on Facebook advertising.

Hmm, gosh, maybe Facebook advertising isn’t the death of democracy after all? But if that so then where does that leave those who would insist the referendum result was all wrong? Stolen even? Thankfully it leaves them in the dustbin of history….