The Great Brexit Schools Disaster


Apparently the education system is going to fall apart the moment that we’re not led on the international stage by Ursulie von der Lyin’:

Schools may have to close, exams could be disrupted and fresh food for pupils’ meals could run short because of panic buying with prices soaring by up to 20%, according to a secret Department for Education analysis of the risks of a no-deal Brexit obtained by the Observer. The five-page document – marked “Official Sensitive” and with the instruction “Do Not Circulate” – also raises the possibility of teacher absences caused by travel disruption, citing schools in Kent as particularly at risk.

Well, yes. It is possible to read between the lines here. What is actually being warned about is that maybe that M20 will become a lorry park – it won’t, because people think – and therefore teachers in Dover might find it difficult to get to work.

On such distinctions between truth and propaganda is Project Fear built.