Theresa Says You Should Stay In Your Cell


On June 23rd 2016 the British people told the world that they think membership of the EU is bad for Britain and they want to leave.

Since that date, Remaniacs (by which I mean Theresa May, Philip Hammond, the Labour Party, the Green Party, the SNP, the labour unions, the educational establishment, the film and TV industry, most British corporations, most quangos, the judiciary, the legal establishment, the mainstream media and most of the Tory Party) have all decided to ignore that.

They initially attempted to convince the British people to change their minds, but once it became apparent that wasn’t going to happen, they began the process of engineering a BINO (Brexit In Name Only)

They admit that after BINO, we will still be in the EU prison getting beaten up every day, but tell us delightedly that they have printed up some “I am a free man” stickers that we’ll be allowed* to wear on on our prison overalls.

In order to achieve the EU’s goals for them, the Remaniacs have decided to ignore the instructions of the British people (“We’re leaving. Bye!“) and instead pursue a negotiating strategy that says “If we pay you loads of money and give you all the things you want, will you be kind enough to allow us to stay trapped within the prison you built for us?”

Their pet media then tell us “Outside the prison life is horrible – better to pay us loads of money and stay here nice and safe inside these concrete walls. And that’s a good deal at any price.”

Our politicians and their pet journalists either have Stockholm Syndrome (where a kidnap victim develops feelings of affection towards their abusers) or Brussels Syndrome (where the victims conspire with their abusers for personal gain in defiance of the national interest)

I would love to think that this is the former – just their usual fearful and incompetent simpering, but I actually suspect that this time it’s the latter, full-blown Brussels Syndrome.

On Friday the 6th July, we will found out just how profoundly Theresa May intends to betray her country, and we’ll start to get an inkling how the rest of us feel about it.

*If we pay the warden a lot of money and remain obsequious to the guards. If we ever misbehave, this privilege may be removed. In fact this privilege might be removed at any time, for any reason. And it will be.