Those Parliamentary Machinations Over A No Deal Brexit


This is really all rather fun. How to stop Boris from simply not having Parliament there, thus letting it all run out of time to stop a no deal Brexit on October 31?

The campaign against this is planning the following:

The news will add greater urgency to talks that will take place on Tuesday between Jeremy Corbyn and cross-party MPs on how to prevent no-deal. Corbyn has said he will call a confidence motion in the government when parliament returns, and if successful, would seek to become prime minister for an interim period before calling a general election. Starmer is understood to want MPs to try to pass legislation specifically to mandate the prime minister to ask the EU for an extension.

OK, excellent. So, they do this.

So, what happens then?

Motion of confidence, Boris loses. Under the Fixed Term Parliament Act there’s a couple of weeks in which someone else tries to demonstrate that they’ve the confidence of the House. That means a majority. There is no likely majority in favour of anyone else. Not even Grandpa Death. At the end of the fortnight what happens? Then, under that same act, Boris is free to call an election – he will remain as the caretaker PM during the attempts to find another one – without needing that 2/3 of the House voting for it.

Elections are minimum three week periods in the UK. At which point we’re over the line and out of the EU, no?

So, it’s all rather Br’er Boris, isn’t it?