Friends don't let friends stay in something as stupid as the EU - Credit, public domain

As we’ve all noted there’s more than a touch of whinging about what we’re all going to do after Brexit. The European Union has its tendrils in so much of life that we’ll be entirely at sea as we quit. Which is good, we’re an island, we’re supposed to be at sea and those tendrils are the reason to leave. But on a more practical basis, what should we be doing? Well, how about doing what we used to do before we joined the EU?

This being exactly what the solution is to those farmers’ whines about not being able to pick the fruit without poor Europeans. All we do is let poor Europeans come here to pick the fruit and our problem is solved, isn’t it?

A FARM workers immigration scheme axed by Theresa May five years ago is being re-launched to meet post-Brexit demands for fruit pickers.

Whitehall insiders revealed plans for a two-year trial which will allow 2,500 non-EU workers to register for seasonal work.

That we only axed the scheme those 5 years ago means we’ve probably still got a few people around who recall how it works:

Visas for fruit-pickers: Migrants from outside the EU will be allowed to work on UK farms post-Brexit
A reopening of the Seasonal Agricultural Workers Scheme (SAWS) is confirmed
Over two years 2,500 workers will be placed on farms across the country
About 60,000 workers come to the UK each summer, mostly from Europe

Actually, the new scheme will be even better than EU membership. Because we’ll be able to draw on a wider pool of applicants thus making doubly sure that we get the desired labour at a reasonable price. Isn’t that lovely?

The UK government will test a new scheme for non-EU agricultural workers next year in an attempt to ensure that after Brexit British farmers can recruit the thousands of migrant labourers they currently employ.

The National Farmers Union and MPs have called for a special arrangement for workers as concerns mount over fruit and vegetables being left to rot on British farms because of a shortage of labour.

Under the old seasonal workers scheme that existed between 1945 and 2013, farmers could employ overseas workers for six months to pick produce via a visa-controlled permit scheme.

Under the new pilot, which will run for two years from next spring, 2,500 non-EU workers will be recruited by two authorised agencies to work for up to six months each year on UK fruit and vegetable farms.

So, we’re reviving the system we used for the three decades before we joined the EU then. Which is interesting, isn’t it? For it’s something that applies to near all of what is being whined about too. We’ll lose then police cooperation of the European Arrest Warrant? Shame, but we’ve Interpol still. The CAA will become independent again? So it was before, wasn’t it. The reality being that we’ve faced most if not all of these problems before and we devised solutions to them. Absolutely none of which required us to become part of a European superstate nor be ruled from Brussels.

If you like we could say that Brexit allows what we should all truly be wanting in the first place. Sure cooperation with our neighbours is a good idea. But it’s only by doing it on a piecemeal basis that we get to cooperate where we wish and not where we don’t. After all, just think of the terrors of a universe in which an Englishman has to suck up to the French in the hope of gaining some favour? Quite, far better to be out rather than in where that is required.