Which? Is Full Of It – Brexit Needn’t Harm Safety Gate Warning System


Which? magazine tells us that children will be strangled by their nightwear – if they don’t combust with it – if we are to leave the European Union. This is because there is a warning system which alerts trading standards officers etc to the existence of such products which would cause such harms. Ergo, only if we remain a satrapy of Brussels will children go unstrangled, uncombusted.

This is of course total tosh:

Brexit will spark flood of ‘dangerous toys, cars and household goods across UK’

Well we never, it’s amazing what those dastardly Chinee would like to do to our children, isn’t it? The thing being it is not necessary to be part of the EU to gain access to this Safety Gate system:

Dangerous cars, electrical goods and toys could flood into the UK after Brexit unless the government urgently reforms the current “failing” safety enforcement system, a consumer group warned on Monday. Which? says the public will be vulnerable to delays in spotting and dealing with unsafe products unless continued access to the European Safety Gate system is negotiated. Its new analysis shows the scheme, under which 31 European countries alert each other to products with serious safety problems, issued 34% more notifications in 2018 than a decade ago.

31 members is a bit of a clue – there are only 28 inside the EU.

The Safety Gate rapid alert system enables quick exchange of information between EU/EEA member states and the European Commission about dangerous non-food products posing a risk to health and safety of consumers.

The entire thing is already set up to work with non-EU members. Thus it’s not going to be difficult to remain in the system as a non-EU member is it?

Amazing how simple Brexit is going to be in many ways, isn’t it?