Who Is Certain That The Brexit Party Would Like To Do A Deal With The Tories


There does seem to be a certain misunderstanding among some senior Tories about the rage that is driving the Brexit Party. Sure, there are those simply preferring what they’ve always preferred. Let’s leave, leave now and bugger J-C J and all who drink with him. But that isn’t all, that isn’t all by a long shot. There’s a very definite rage in the background there too.

The thing being that people – some to many – are pissed off with being dicked around. The last two and a half years have been spent negotiating so badly that it can only be by insistence not chance. And we Brits – perhaps the English more – do tend to take quite badly being illtreated. Hey, the universe doesn’t go our way, ah, well. The other blokes won did they? Well, that’s democracy.

Hmm, we’ve given you your instructions and you’ve pissed all the opportunities to gain it up the wall? Are you trying to defy us? Ah, you are?

I do not say this is everyone but I do indeed say it’s some. As Nigel has pointed out in his radio show:

On his LBC phone-in Nigel Farage, the Brexit party leader, has just claimed that remain voters will be among those voting for his party. One of his candidates even voted remain, he said. He said that was because people were supporting the party because they supported the principle that the referendum result should be honoured.

Yep. You asked, we told, whaddayameanyourenotgoingtodoit?

Which brings us to this:

In my judgment, we are going to have to come to an accommodation with the Brexit party. The Conservatives, as a Brexit party again, being very clear about their objectives, are almost certainly going to have to go into some kind of electoral arrangement with the Brexit party, otherwise Brexit doesn’t happen.

The thing is Sir Crispin. What makes you think the Brexit Party wants a tie up with the Tories? For a significant section of the first party actually are Tories, they just don’t think you are any more.