Will Brexit Cause a Popcorn Shortage?


Simon Jenkins tells us in the Grauniad that Jeremy Corbyn could have stopped Brexit, if only he wasn’t such a dedicated Marxist.

As we know, Marxists and their like won’t share power with anyone, let alone some so-called neoliberals in Brussels.

But in his piece, Jenkins summarises the delusion that seems to be at the heart of every remaining Remainer’s position.

That is, the majority of Britain want to stay in the EU.

Is he right?

Well, the recent defectors from the main parties clearly believed he was – Chuka Umunna, Anna Soubry et al abandoned their positions to form the CUKs and provide the disenfranchised British masses with the staunch Remainer party they had all been failing to demand for so long.

They came out of the blocks fast, called in favours with journalists to get favourable press coverage, and burst upon the political consciousness of Great Britain like a glitter-filled Zeppelin of cross-party europhilia.

And then…………..oh the humanity.

Whereas Brexit geezer Nigel Farage sauntered out of the blocks under withering crossfire from the establishment and its pet churnalists, and immediately went hypersonic – from 0% to 20% before the establishment pollsters could unlimber their clipboards and stutter their leading questions.

Up and down the country, the British voter was encouraged to overlook the Brexit Party by an establishment still traumatised by the referendum, with pollsters snidely relegating the party to the column entitled “Other” during their obfuscatory enquiries.

And the British voter seized them by the lapels and yanked them into a ferocious Brexit headbutt.

The desperate EU stooges in the Tory party, realising their puppet Treason May was fatally wounded, threw her under the bus and began their Stop Boris campaign, but all the manufactured scandalettes failed to prevent the Johnson Juggernaut from roiling over them and into Downing Street.

For now, the Brexit Party have stalled on 20% – they hold their position now like a lioness crouched in the long grass, waiting for Boris Johnson to reveal the slightest Remainer tendencies. And if he does, the catastrophic injuries he and his party will suffer will make Theresa May’s mauling look like the amuse bouche at the Marquis de Sade’s final soundproofed basement party.

And Simon Jenkins looks around at the wreckage of these establishment dreams – the “hard right” Prime Minister and his “hard right” Cabinet, the Brexit Party as kingmakers, and the Left in petulant disarray, and concludes that the Brexiteers are “a masochistic minority”?

Is Jenkins merely a cynic, willing to pretend to believe this nonsense, or is he simply like so many on the Left trapped in a Dunning-Krueger variant where they are now too biased to perceive their own biases?

Their cognition has become so dissonant, and their reasoning so grotesquely motivated, that as with the Brexit referendum result and the election of Donald Trump, they can no longer perceive reality beyond their little Islington bubble?

If BoJo and the Brexiteers can pull off an actual Brexit, will we be treated to the sight of establishment figures like Simon Jenkins screaming soundlessly at the sky, like the bobble-hatted bobbleheads that loudly and publicly mewled their virtues after Mad Cankles lost in 2016?

If so, I fear we may run out of popcorn.