Do As I Say, Not As I Do – Banking Edition


In what will come as the most terrible surprise to all it seems that when offered lots of money people will take it. Even those who have argued, vociferously, that people shouldn’t take lots of money:

The banking industry’s chief cheerleader, who was Gordon Brown’s communications director when he vowed to put an end to “unacceptable” big bonuses, has earned nearly £12m since leaving No 10, The Telegraph can reveal. Simon Lewis was the then-prime minister’s spokesman before he joined the Association for Financial Markets in Europe, a bank lobby group, in 2010.

He was paid £1.7m last year and is understood to be in line for £2m in 2019 – almost as much as the base salary of RBS chief Ross McEwan. It is estimated he will have earned £12m by the time he leaves AFME when his contract ends this autumn.

But of course it’s OK as it’s the right sort of person earning the moolah. And more than that, it’s not in bonuses, is it?