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The first in our ever popular series, Questions in The Guardian We Can Answer:

Given this woeful history, it’s reasonable to ask why the issue of the future of journalism keeps being investigated, and why so little action results.

Because the people who buy ink by the barrel are the people losing their jobs.

That really is it, there’s nothing more to it than that. We have extant news outlets, those newspapers. Anyone can (and we are) set up to compete with them in this brave new world of online. Therefore the previous revenues flowing to those who write those extant newspapers are flowing in other directions. Those used to a comfortable life at a desk are losing their jobs. Why wouldn’t there be jeremiads to the loss of that nice life?

The only reason this is being discussed at a higher volume than today’s dreadful loss of buggy whip makers is that the physical switch makers didn’t have control of the places in which to whine in the manner the social scourges do.