UN, Philip Alston, Claim That 75% Of Entire World Are In Destitution


Philip Alston is the UN’s special rapporteur on poverty and he’s been running around the UK preparing a report. Another way of describing the same set of actions is that Alston has been looking for justifications for his propaganda. And, of course, he has found them.

But it’s worth looking at those justifications:

In 2017, 1.5 million people experienced destitution, meaning they had less than £10 a day after housing costs,

That £10 a day, that’s around $5,000 a year. Which puts you into the top 25% of all global incomes:

income distribution

Yes, that is after we adjust for how prices change across geography. And note, that’s just that £10 after housing costs. Add housing back in and you’ll be in an even higher portion. Add in free health care, free education and so on and higher yet again.

Calling the lifestyle better than that of 75% of humanity “destitution” isn’t all that helpful really.

Or, as we might – and should – put it Alston’s report is the purest colei*.