Singapore On Thames Cannot Be Allowed To Succeed

This is one of those things to be greeted with an “Well, of course” for the European Union would be severely threatened if Singapore on Thames were to be allowed to succeed:

The European Union is preparing to offer the UK a trade deal on tougher terms than its deals with Canada, Japan and a host of other leading trade partners, the Telegraph has learned.

In what will be seen by industry as an unusually harsh move, the European Commission has warned EU member states that it would be a mistake to allow some UK industry bodies to be allowed to certify that goods conform to EU standards.

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Why Did Airbus Change It’s Mind Over Brexit? Project Fear

We can all look back and remind ourselves of what we were told was going to happen if we had the temerity to vote to leave the European Union. The economy would be devastated, there would be rains of blood and cats would lie down with dogs. This has not happened and according to the predictions it should have done already. The process of freezing spines in this manner is known as Project Fear – shiver everyones’ goolies and the peasantry will vote to remain the villeins of Brussels.…

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The Brexit Fish For Finance Deal – Nope, Bugger Off

The European Union is floating the idea that they’ll ask for access to British fishing waters in return for allowing The City to sell in Europe. There being two problems with this. The first is that those passports to sell in Europe aren’t actually needed – it’s trivially simple to engineer full access now, as it is. The second is that it’s an entirely absurd idea anyway.

The EU’s trade commissioner has suggested there could be a last-minute trade-off with Brussels offering the City of London access to European markets in return for European fleets retaining their fishing rights in British waters.

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Regulatory Divergence Is The Very Point Of Brexit

So now we get to – having agreed that Brexit is going to happen – having to decide what the new trade deal is going to be. At which point there are all sorts of people insisting that we shouldn’t have regulatory divergence. Yet gaining that regulatory divergence is the very point of our having Brexit. We want to be able to do things differently than the European Union.

Thus this sort of worry is thinking about it the wrong way around:

Brexit is nearly done, but don’t expect an easy ride on trade.

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A Point Of Terminology – No Deal Is Still A Deal

Leave aside for a moment what should happen here – they c’n bugger off ‘n’all – and what we want to happen here – they c’n bugger off ‘n’all – and think for a moment about the specifics of the language being used here. A no deal Brexit is still a deal.

This is one part that Jonathan Portes has got wrong here:

And, according to No 10 sources quoted in the Sunday Times, the deal would be on terms dictated by the hardline Brexiteers, meaning no “level playing field” provisions that would stop the UK setting its own course on labour rights, environmental protection and state aid.

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Now Here’s A Dreadful Surprise About The European Union

Some peeps just don’t like our brave new world. Indeed, some even have the temerity to vote against that ideal of the European Union itself! Who are these people?

As it turns out, the people who vote against the EU are those in areas and places in relative industrial and social decline. That is, the people being shafted by the current order are those who vote against it. My word, a surprise, eh?

The geography of EU discontent
Lewis Dijkstra, Hugo Poelman, Andrés Rodríguez-Pose 07 December 2019

Support for Eurosceptic parties and the rise of populism threaten not only European integration, but peace and prosperity on the continent more broadly.…

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It’s the Brexit Uncertainty That Matters

It could be that Brexit will blow the British economy entirely off course into us being just some third rate offshore islanders peering over at the wealth and riches of the continentals. However, it will be true that uncertainty about what will happen will damage our prospects.

At some point – arguable about when, certainly – the damage from the uncertainty will be larger, because it is cumulative, than any damage from the actual process itself.…

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Obviously WTO Terms Are Still On The Table

This is how you do negotiations. You say sure, we want to do a deal, let’s talk. And you make clear that if the deal is not to your liking then you’ll storm off in a huff and look, look, here’s the alternative we prepared earlier out of the sticky back plastic.

Boris Johnson has left the door open to coming out of the EU on World Trade Organization terms next year, after his foreign secretary, Dominic Raab, said it was “absolutely” right to keep a no-deal outcome on the table in trade talks.

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Polly Toynbee Doesn’t Understand Human Rights

Or at least Polly Toynbee makes a claim about human rights which is at odds with the actualite. She seems to think that the European Union is both the source of and guarantor of human rights legislation in the UK. This is not in fact true and leaving the EU makes no difference to which court rules on hte subject of the rules which such a court decides upon.

Because, you know, humans rights legislation doesn’t stem from the EU:

What is all too possible is a blue wave sweeping all before it to wipe out all that tactical nuancing of each seat.

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Airbus Chief Makes Obvious Statement Of Obviousness About Brexit Obviousness

We’ve been told, among other Remoaner lies, that leaving the European Union would mean Airbus abandoning their manufacturing in this country. Even, that the moment we have the temerity to leave then all those engineers at Filton, in Wales (look, it’s in Wales, who cares where?) will be abandoned to the dole queue as Johnny Foreigner legs it.

This isn’t, of course, what is going to happen. For the rather simple reason that Britain – or plants in Britain perhaps – make the wings for Airbus planes and as these things work out planes without wings aren’t regarded as hugely useful.…

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