People Use A Method Of Communication To Communicate

In what I’m sure will be a terrible shock to everyone it has been found that people use a method of communication to communicate with each other. Telephones have been used to set lovers’ assignations, plot the downfall of dictators and to ask what’s on for dinner. Back when the letter post actually worked much the same was true. Before any mechanical aids people just talked to each other about the same things.

Now the same is true of Facebook:

Albanian crime gangs using Facebook to counter immigration raids and smuggle illegal immigrants into Britain

Given that they’re not actually sliding those illegal immigrants down the intertubes they must therefore simply be using Facebook to communicate.…

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Not Producing Evidence Means Your Rape Case Is Dropped – And?

We have a complaint here that an allegation of rape should move forward to a charge of rape without the complainant having to provide the evidence asked for. The correct answer to this being, and?

My sexual assault case was dropped because I wouldn’t hand over my phone

If you’re asked to produce evidence then don’t produce it then why should your allegation go forward?

Eventually my case was dropped because I refused to give the government access to the entire contents of my mobile phone.

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Once Again The Guardian Fails To Understand Rape And Rape Cases

The Guardian has had the arts graduates sucking their pencils and adding up the statistics about rape in the UK. Predictably they manage to get it all entirely wrong.

Just 1.5% of all rape cases lead to charge or summons, data reveals


Only one in 65 rape cases reported to police result in suspects being summonsed or charged, a Guardian analysis of the latest crime figures has revealed.

Innumerate malarkey.

The drop is particularly dramatic at a time when victims are reporting more attacks.

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Ellie Mae O’Hagan Really Needs To Understand Sexism And Patriarchy

Ellie Mae O’Hagan tells us that women should indeed be allowed to say no without getting smashed to the ground. This being an obvious truth. What she’s missing is that we did actually have a society in which that was true:

I believe we can organise society differently. As well as obvious protections to prevent women from being harassed at work, and harsher penalties for gendered violence, we can organise around a better set of values.

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Dame Vera Baird Doesn’t Understand Rape Nor Rape Statistics

That Dame Vera Baird doesn’t understand rape nor rape statistics isn’t all that surprising. All too few do. That Dame Vera Baird is now in charge of whining about rape and rape statistics does make this a problem. This is an issue that we’ve addressed more than once around here.

Dame Vera is complaining that:

Rape prosecutions have “dropped off a cliff” because the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) is acting like a “bookies” that only backs cases it will win, says the new victims’ commissioner.

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There’s Dumb, There’s Stupid, Then There’s Complaining To The Police About Contract Murder Fraud

This is something of a giggle. A mother and daughter have been arrested in Spain over claims that they organised a contract murder. Not entirely unknown of course, people do get murdered, sometimes people are paid to do the murdering. Contract murders are known to exist.

The reason appears to be that the mother’s ex-inamorata was suspected of defrauding the extended family. For which, of course, he had to die. DIE! I tell ‘ee. The person hired to do the murdering was the daughter’s boyfriend.…

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It’s Not A $Billion Cocaine Bust In Philadelphia – It’s A Lot, But Not A Billion Dollars

What we have here is one of the standard exaggerations of our time. This applies as much to Microsoft complaining about people ripping off Windows as it does to the police or customs estimating the value of drug seizures. It’s simply not true that 16.5 tonnes of cocaine is worth $1 billion dollars.

That’s just not how markets work, not at all:

Authorities in Philadelphia have seized what they believe to be more than $1 billion worth of cocaine in what’s being described as one of the largest drug busts in U.S.

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Grandstanding Judge – Coke User “Should Not Be Punished More Than Michael Gove”

Sure, and isn’t this a lovely little story. A judge has declined to jail a man convicted of Class A drugs possession on the grounds that he shouldn’t be punished more than Michael Gove was for the same offence.

All of which is really just an example of the increasing idiocy of our modern public life. We used to do one particular thing, which was select our judges from the brightest. We tried really rather hard not to allow stupid people to become barristers, then we only selected our judges from among the bright ones of those.…

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Jack Shepherd Bottles A Barman

This is a heck of a piece of CCTV.

Speedboat killer Jack Shepherd has been jailed for a further four years after he admitted assaulting a barman with a vodka bottle in Devon.

And here’s the interesting little bit about the sentence:

A judge told Shepherd that because he was on bail for Ms Brown’s manslaughter at the time of the assault, the four-year sentence would run consecutively to his current jail term.

The terms of art are concurrently and consecutively.…

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What A Mysterious Mystery – Soaring Number Of Deaths In US Prisons

That the United States – arguably – imprisons too many people could be true. It isn’t that the places are chock full of non-violent drug offenders tho’. Most are indeed there for violence. The country’s just a violent place perhaps. This does not excuse The Guardian’s latest worry though, the rising number of deaths in the American prison system.

Why are so many people dying in US prisons and jails?

Hmm, yes, well, why? The subhead is:

The number of Americans dying while incarcerated has surged while the US prison population has increased by 500% over the last 40 years

It’s not why it’s because.…

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