The Two Lessons From The Manchester Grooming Scandal

We are seeing a modest amount of coverage of the latest of the grooming scandals. Sadly, the two important lessons are not being taken from it.

It’s also about the power of society to prioritise one set of vulnerable women over another. Feminism is meant to be about defending all women and girls, especially those in a situation where they have no agency and who find themselves on the back foot, humiliated and discredited. That powerlessness is infinitely magnified if you’re a child in care.

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Why Isn’t This Cultural Appropriation By Ayanna Pressley?

Ayanna Pressley reveals bald look and alopecia diagnosis in powerful video
The freshman congresswoman unveiled her new look and said she felt she owed little girls inspired by her natural hair an explanation

No, not rocking the Kojack look which is fine, just fine. Rather:

In the video, Pressley begins by telling the story of her hair journey, going from typically pressed or bunned hair to more Afrocentric styles, most notably her Senegalese twists.

Her connection to Senegal is zero.…

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The Logical Contortions Of The Woken SS

Clearly and obviously it’s impossible to believe everything the Woken SS tells us must be believed without using a certain amount of heavily tortured logic. It’s still wondrous to see the twists in some of that being used though.

For example, if we ever step off the reservation – as that word just shows I have – of acceptable language then we will, or should be perhaps, shamed as a result of our doing so. Using people of color instead of colored to refer to higher melanin inheritances will equally lead to screaming harpies shouting that we should be shamed, shamed.…

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The Guardian’s Discussion Of Race – The Blue Story Incident

As nuanced and detailed as we would always expect The Guardian to be on such a fashionable subject. Blue Story is a new film about two young black men. The background of the plot includes gang violence. One cinema chain as decided to stop showing it.

Why? According to The Guardian it’s waysist to do so:

The decision to ban the entire movie run comes in the context of a wider clampdown on black culture.

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To Replace The Discussion Of Ugandan Affairs – Ratchawallop

This has a certain ring to it, doesn’t it? Ratchawallop?

We will now have to diverge from the Private Eye euphemism of discussing Ugandan Affairs.

Thai playboy king anoints lover as his official concubine

OK, fair enough, what’s the point of being King if you can’t do this sort of thing? It’s this bit:

She also received four medals, including the “most noble order of the crown of Thailand” and the “most exalted order of the white elephant, special class”.

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UN Insists Women Should Stay Home And Look After Their Babies

This seems a rather career limiting insistence by the United Nations – that women really must just stay home with their babies for the good of the future society. For that is what is being said with this statement that longer maternity leaves are, by definition, good:

UK among least family-friendly countries in OECD, survey finds
League table compiled based on parental leave and childcare levels puts UK in bottom third

The assumption really is that more maternity leave is better.…

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Socialism Is For Women, Capitalism For Men – Remove The Female Vote Therefore

An interesting little survey from the United States showing that this idea of votes for women was a bad one. Or, to be a little less jocular about it, that there really are differences between men and women, on average and in general, and it’s not just the details of the plumbing arrangements.

Four in 10 Americans prefer socialism to capitalism, poll finds

That just shows that four in ten are either dim or ill informed.…

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We’ll Never Solve The Rape Trial Problem And Not Just Because Men Are Pigs

Nor is our rape trial problem because we inhabit a patriarchy, nor even because the underlying problem is purely about consent to an entirely legal activity. It is, obviously enough, legal to have sex – we don’t go around jailing mothers purely on the grounds that they must have bumped uglies at some point. The defining line between rape and not rape is that issue of consent. Yes, of course, non-consent should be a crime, is a crime and will continue to be one.…

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Don’t Be Silly, Of Course Boris Johnson Is A Feminist

There’s a certain amount of confused thinking going on here and it’s not by us:

Boris Johnson ridiculed for claiming he is a feminist

Why ridiculed?

Boris Johnson’s claim that he is a feminist has been ridiculed by Labour MP Jess Phillips. Ms Phillips, a prominent campaigner on women’s rights, said: ‘If Boris Johnson is a feminist, then I went to Eton.’

We have considerable evidence that Boris rather likes women, don’t we? Even that he gave  a woman a lift to exercise her natural right to have an abortion.…

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If Spalding Has A Boys School And A Girls School Why Not Gendered Activities?

One of these little events that rather seems to have got blown out of proportion. Up in Lincolnshire the local schools were offering, to primary school pupils, the opportunity to come see what the big boys and girls do when they move onto the Big School. Part of that community reachout – what we might more usefully call marketing to the target population – so that people have more information about where they’d like to go to suffer the agonies of puberty.…

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