The Marxist Explanation For Miss India’s All Pasty White Complexion Finalists

To start with a question – doesn’t anyone read Jane Austen any more? For that is all that is needed to understand why all the finalists in this year’s Miss India contest seem to have the same rather pale and white complexion. Certainly, rather paler and whiter than the general run of the mill complexion seen across India.

We can also offer a Marxist interpretation – it’s a class thing, innit?

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The Battle Of The Sexes , Mum’s Been Playing Away – 1 in 10 Paternity Results Wrong

It’s long been whispered that some 10% of paternity allocations are wrong. The Mum’s been playing away and that young sproglet isn’t in fact the child of who she says it is. We’re now gaining confirmation of this through the spread of DNA testing. Which is interesting, isn’t it?

One person in 10 is mistaken about the identity of their father, reveals NHS chief

This is from tests they’re actually undertaking. So it’s hard evidence, not supposition.…

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Naomi Wolf’s Dreadful Error Of The Death Penalty For Buggery

Naomi Wolf’s latest book is essentially a rehash of her PhD thesis. Which does rather need to be called into question itself now. For there’s the most dreadful error underlying her entire evidence base.

Her essential contention is that Victorian Britain became more censorious over gay sex – what back then was called sodomy – and that the love that now speaketh its name was terrorised by the sentence of public hanging. Except that’s entirely the opposite of what actually happened, Victorian Britain became markedly less vicious even as we might argue either way over public censoriousness.…

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BBC Feminism Pay Row Kills Entire NHS Career Structure

There’s a very fun little row going on inside the BBC over pay. One woman is claiming that she’s been offered a job – same grade, same responsibilities etc – as a bloke and yet she’s being offered a different amount of money. Lower, obviously. Sexism! Patriarchy!

Management’s answer is that this is her first job at this sort of level, it’s a decent step up for her. The bloke’s been doing this sorta stuff for some years.…

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Turn The Office Heating Down – Women Feel It More Than Men

An interesting assumption is being made here. It’s entirely true that optimal temperatures – on average of course – for men and women are different. Hmm, no, humans themselves are the same temperature, we mean environmental temperature in which the human is placed. Men’s greater muscle mass means they function best at slightly lower temperatures than women do.

OK, all that’s well known and this recent research just shows it all again. What’s interesting though is what should be done about it.…

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But Why Would You Cover A Crucifix For Ramadan?

That we shouldn’t be gratuitously offence to people who believe a little differently from ourselves is simply good manners. Once one of the highest aims of the peoples of these isles, to be good mannered. But it is possible to be excessively wishy washy while attempting to be so.

Take this about a church covering up a crucifix, varied Jesus related things, over Islam and Ramadan. This is really very silly indeed:

A church has raised eyebrows after offering to ‘cover up’ a cross and allow Muslims to say prayers in its building during Ramadan.

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Weird, Gender Equal Countries – Sweden – Have More Partner Violence Against Women Than Patriarchal Places Like Spain

The general assumption – well, we all assume it’s true because every damn feminist on the planet keeps telling us it’s true – that intimate partner violence is because of the inequalities of the patriarchy. Or capitalism for the really extreme explanations. If only we were a more equal society – economically and also in gender rights – then such violence would diminish to the point of entirely vanishing away.

As it turns out this isn’t true, not remotely so.…

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Entrepreneurs, Mothers, Children – This Is Prejudice Or Reality?

It is possible that having children, becoming a mother, is simply something that happens in life and that doesn’t then affect nor influence other parts of that same passage from cradle to grave. It is also possible that it is an event that changes attitudes, aptitudes and desires. This would appear to be an empirical question, not something we either should or even can have an ideological commitment to or view of.

That isn’t how it works of course.…

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As I’ve Been Saying, There Is No Gender Pay Gap, There’s A Motherhood One

We can even measure and prove this contention, that there isn’t actually a gender pay gap. Instead, there’s one resulting from being a mother. An important distinction as what we do about it – whether we do anything at all – depends upon the cause, doesn’t it?

Child penalties across countries: Evidence and explanations
Henrik Kleven, Camille Landais, Johanna Posch, Andreas Steinhauer, Josef Zweimüller 14 May 2019

Despite considerable convergence over time, substantial gender inequality persists in all countries.…

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The Difference Between Sex Trafficking And Sexual Exploitation

Sex trafficking, properly defined, is the repeated rape of an individual. This is monstrous and we should – and do – fight it wherever we can. Sexual exploitation is a phrase with a less certain meaning. For what is to exploit? A Marxist would say that any worker not gaining the full value of their labour is being exploited. A feminist – at least some of them – would say that any woman – they tend to forget the existence of male prostitution – selling sex is being exploited.…

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